The Best 10 Casino Movies on Netflix: A Must Watch!

Gambling and cinema go hand in hand. Gambling has been a recurrent theme across various genres of movies across the globe. If you are a gambling buff as well as a movie addict, you will just love watching a casino movie. And now with the inception of Netflix and other web media providers, watching more such gambling-themed movies can be a very easy thing to do. No one can perhaps describe the joy of casino lovers when they watch their favourite hero character win whopping money by winning a Poker or a Roulette game in a movie sequence.

The Best 10 Casino Movies on Netflix: A Must Watch!

Being a popular online media provider, Netflix has lots of casino movie in different genres. You can choose from a wide range of casino movie here based on your preferences. Registration is quite easy, and you need to pay a nominal amount to be a member. Once done, you can see your choicest movies based on gambling and casino. To cater to the needs of viewers, Netflix comes up with new movies almost every week.

Pick the Top Casino Movie To Watch

Here is a list of some of the top casino movie that you can view at Netflix. Each of them has become extremely popular, thanks to their cast, plot, acting and direction.

  • Croupier: You can watch the movie in Norway, USA, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. The plot is based on the nuances of gambling described from the perspective of an expert dealer. The movie also provides an insight into the dark side of gambling and the unhealthy competition related to it.
  • Guns Girls and Gambling: If you are a woman, you will simply love this. Based in Las Vegas, the movie is based on the story of girls, guns and gambling, which are integral to the city. The main theme is the game of poker.
  • Casino Royale: You can never take 007 away from the casino. Watch the popular bond film, which is based on poker and roulette.
  • Casino: This firm has been directed by Martin Scorsese and depicts the story of Sam Rosenthal and his gambling life. Rosenthal was the famous owner of the Tangiers Casino.
  • Bachelor Party Vegas: As evident from the name, the film is about a group of bachelor and friends who go to Las Vegas for enjoying. Eventually, they get entangled in some crime related to gambling. The movie is quite hilarious.
  • Bugsy: This casino movie depicts the life of Bugsy Seigel, who was an infamous gangster. He once has thought of building an an oasis for gambling amidst the Nevada desert.
  • Leprechaun 3: This is the third part of the popular web series where the demon visits a casino in Las Vegas and kills the ones who stole gold in the casino game. The episode stars popular actors Lee Armstrong and Warwick Davis.
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: This cult casino-themed movie stars Johnny Depp. The plot centres around a sportswriter who roams in Las Vegas and makes a visit to various gambling centres for the love of drug and money.
  • Rounders: This is basically a film based on poker. Matt Damon plays the role of poker guru Mike McDermott, who was charged with forgery by the government. The film revolves around his trials and complexities.
  • Oceans 11: This movie with a popular star cast comprising George Clooney, Brad Pitt Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts is based on a robbery story. A team of 11 professional criminals come together to rob $150 million from a bank vault of a casino.

In addition to this, you can watch some more casino movie on Netflix. They are quite popular. Just check whether the movies are available in your respective country. They are:

  • Modern Marvels: Las Vegas
  • The cooler

Watch out for the latest casino related movies and do not miss them! Sit back, enjoy and have a splendid time!

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Name: The Best 10 Casino Movies on Netflix: A Must Watch!

Posted On: 05/07/2019

Author: Tony Willets

The Best 10 Casino Movies on Netflix: A Must Watch!
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