The Best Casino Sets in Hollywood Movies

Given the mind-bending thrills, bone-chilling thrills and brain-melting excitement normally found on gaming tables around the globe, it was all but inevitable that movie producers would seek to showcase such on the big screen. Some of this onscreen gambling action takes place in small, out-of-the-way, smoke-filled gambling parlours. Others though occur in some of the more famous and visually stunning casinos on the planet. Let’s explore such best casino settings in the article below.

The Best Casino Sets in Hollywood Movies

Best Casino Settings Staged in Hollywood Till Date

• Casino provided an ultimate and the best casino setting

The movie Casino was a Nicholas Pileggi masterpiece that was shot for the cinema by the one and only Martin Scorsese. The film is over three hours long, is a gangster epic of unprecedented proportions and is one of the best casino movies out there. Starring is Robert De Nero, along with Joe Pesci, with the setting being the fictional but no less stunning Tangiers casino, ostensibly located in Vegas. Both the movie and book owe their existence to a true story and the fictional Tangiers casino is the Stardust casino in disguise.

This best casino movie was shot in the Riviera Hotel and Casino, with the crew being allowed to film nearly everything they wanted. Filming was wrapped up after a month and a half, with the camera crew filming scenes from 1 am to 4 am each day. The Riviera Hotel and Casino stayed open during the entirety of the shoot and even publicised the fact that a movie was being shot there, so as to get curious gamblers flocking in.

• A Rightly called Royal Casino!

The Casino Royale movie was based on the Lan Fleming book of the same name, though with a number of important changes. In the movie, Daniel Craig as James Bond indulges in high stakes poker, so as to bankrupt the Russian spy known as Le Chiffre. The original book was inspired by the time Fleming spent at a glitzy casino known as the Casino Estoril, which is located in Lisbon and was a popular hangout for agents of the German Reich during World War 2. In this best casino movie, the interior shots were actually taken right inside a studio designed for the purpose, while the exterior shots are of the Karlovy Vary Spa, which is sited in the Czech Republic of all places.

• Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Thirteen

This famous movie stars George Clooney and other big names, as they plot to steal from not one but three Las Vegas casinos. The casinos used in the movie actually exist and comprise the MGM Grand, The Bellagio, and the Mirage. Actual shots of the interior and exterior of the casinos concerned were used and the Bellagio was so helpful that they even permitted access to the security system.
In Ocean’s Thirteen, the gang comes back to Sin City after having a riotous time around Europe in order to rob a fictitious casino owned by Al Pacino. In this best casino movie, most of the casino scenes were shot in a studio designed for that exact purpose. Shot of the Bellagio is however used too, as are the iconic Mix Lounge of the Mandalay Bay.

• It’s Raining, Man! And the best casino comes alive on your screens

In the Oscar-winning Rain Man, Tom Cruise plays the role of Charles Babbitt, who leads his older and autistic brother Raymond – played by Dustin Hoffman- to the blackjack table, with Raymond utilizing his savant abilities to count the cards and win them a fortune. The featured interior casino scenes show the very real Caesar’s Palace. As well, the dealer who dealt the cards to Raymond was actually a real dealer by the name of Nick Mazzola. Once the two brothers retire for the night with their wins, they are given the best suite available, which was previously known as the Emperor’s Suite. With the release of the incredibly seminal and popular winning movie, the room has since been referred to as the Rain Man room.

• Star Wars: The Last Jedi showcases Monte Carlo casinos

While it has not yet been released, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is rumoured to contain a city of casinos by the name of Canto Bight, with this being located on a planet called Cantonica. According to the director, Mr Rian Johnson, the casino combines elements of James Bond movies and has the environment that’s so typical of Monte Carlo casinos. Exactly how the featured but decidedly unorthodox casino games work is currently unknown, but Star Wars fans will no doubt have lots of fun trying to figure that out!

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Name: The Best Casino Sets in Hollywood Movies

Posted On: 07/09/2018

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The Best Casino Sets in Hollywood Movies
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