Choosing The Best Scratch Cards; Tips and Guidelines

Until a few years ago, scratch cards were available at local stores or large supermarkets. They could be scratched immediately or brought home and scratched there in anticipation of a big-money prize. The habit of buying these tickets from a physical store was normal. Today scratch cards have changed, with online scratch cards becoming very popular with players and as a result, many more online casinos and live casino, now offer scratch card games to their customers. To get a great experience by choosing the best scratch cards, we have devised a short guide to provide you with all the information to get the best scratch cards.

We come now to dispel one of the most common myths when it comes to scratch cards and related tricks. It is believed that there is a guaranteed minimum payout per block. This is a criterion used to understand which are the best scratch cards and which ones are the most successful. Unfortunately, the chances of a scratch card on mobile casino do not depend in any way on the cue of origin, unlike online roulette. There are also no guarantees of a minimum win per pack of tot tickets. Each stick is completely identical to the others since the distribution of the coupons occurs in a completely random way.

5 Tips and Clues to Identify the Best Scratch Cards

Among the various games available like online blackjack, roulettes etc. There are several clues that allow you to identify the best scratch cards. While luck takes its course, it’s not always the discriminating factor, and some details can make a difference in winning or not.

Some of these methods require a certain amount of tickets to be paid before actually winning.

1- Buy tickets with high odds of winning

According to the website of the Customs and Monopoly Agency, each type of scratch card has different statistics. Consequently, the odds of winning are also different. After having consulted these data, it is, therefore, advisable to focus on tickets with a greater probability of being the winning ones (e.g. 1 out of 3), buying a greater number when possible and also assessing the size of the prizes. Best scratch cards currently most likely are:

Golden edition scratch card: 1 in 3.99

€100 loaded: 1 in 3.95

Lucky bonus: 1 in 4.04

Money spinner: 1 in 4.05

Cash match: 1 in 4.45

2- Check the serial numbers

In each scratch card package, there are usually 60 tickets with a series ranging from 000 to 059. In 80% of cases, tickets 000 and 059 are the losing ones while those from 001 to 031 have a greater chance of winning of varying amounts. Precisely for this reason, there is no need to buy the entire package, especially if each ticket has a high price, but only those that give the greatest guarantee of winning.

3- Jackpot odds

This points to your chances of winning the jackpot that a scratch card offers. Your likelihood of winning the jackpot a given card offers is usually very low. However, here are some best scratch cards you can try;

£100 loaded: 0.045% of winning £100

Lucky bonus: 1 in 1447 chance of winning £100. 1 in 2,210,760 of winning £80,000

Money spinner: 1 in 3,819,072 of winning £50,000 and also 1 in 561,628 of winning £1000 or £5000

Cash match: 1 in 4,643,100 chance of winning £10,000. 1 in 4,627 chance of winning £50-£500

4- Check the previous ticket codes ( Golden Edition Scratch card)

Golden Edition Scratch card is one of the best scratch cards with the highest payout percentage and the highest prizes. After scratching a ticket, you can see three letters next to the amounts that identify the winnings of that ticket :

CNQ: 5 euros

DCC: 10 euros

FTN: 15 euros

VNT: 20 euros

VNC: 25 euros

QQC: 50 euros

CNT: 100 euros

FHN: 500 euros

Lingotto: all winnings present

other codes: no winnings

Each code belongs to a series of 10 progressive prize tickets. In the scratched point, the first letter at the bottom left indicates that in the following tickets there will be an equal or higher win if the series ends; the number next to the letter indicates the number of successive winning tickets with this sum.

5- Notice imperfections on the tickets

Although 99% of scratch cards have print imperfections, in some cases those imperfections can identify a winning ticket. Some details should be noted carefully.

Some coins under the title may have very small black dots

All tickets may have cross-hair symbols (similar to print margins) at the bottom right next to the serial numbers


After understanding how to identify the best scratch cards, we can conclude by saying that luck is not always the greatest factor in a win, since statistics and good visual and numerical attention span do the rest.

On balance, as in other legal games of chance, also, in this case, the State is the first winner, but this time the winning percentages are much higher than in other games. Having all the scratch cards and different prices, odds and payouts, everything basically varies according to 3 elements:

  • Game chosen
  • Money spent on buying tickets
  • Amount of any winnings

By applying a strategy based on calculation and attention to detail, it is possible to aim for higher winnings by reducing the number of tickets purchased. This is thanks not only to careful choices but also to the attention to numerology, which helps to contain the purchase of ticket losers significantly and also maintain the stand of scratch card games in future of online casinos.

What is certain, even in this case, is the need for common sense and criterion on the part of the players, both casual and more assiduous ones, in choosing the type of game most suitable for them, finally verifying whether the gamble is worth it truly.


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Name: Choosing The Best Scratch Cards; Tips and Guidelines

Posted On: 23/12/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Choosing The Best Scratch Cards; Tips and Guidelines
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