How comforting is making deposits via phone debit at casinos?

How comforting is making deposits via phone debit at casinos?

Paying you deposits at casinos has never been easier before and the new method of using your phone number to pay for your casino bills is a very innovative method brought forward by the online casinos in collaboration with the network providers. The basic premise of the whole process is that you make payments to the online casinos, and this cost is added to your monthly phone bill. This is the two-step casino mobile number deposit method to pay your casino bills in a simple, convenient, efficient and a very fast way than the earlier credit card or debit card payment methods or internet banking payment methods provided by banks.

People not playing at online casinos due to such security reasons have that concern removed now because they do not need to provide their sensitive financial information to online websites for playing their favourite games. This method is also useful for anyone who wants to play mobile games at online casinos but does not have access to financial transaction methods. They just need a phone number for registering with the casinos and their payments to the casino will be added in the monthly bill of that phone number. This method of payments is a very big hit with the new generation of players who want everything to be fast and conveniently accessible. The PayByPhone method of pay and play is one of the best solutions for the current generation of mobile players. 

How comforting is making deposits via phone debit at casinos?

A small number of steps need to be kept in mind while paying through your mobile number which are:

  • You first need to find a PayByPhone casino that is compatible with your mobile phone. Not all mobile casinos have the PayByPhone feature integrated for your mobile phone. Moreover, if you search for casinos, you may even find a casino that is providing better offers and bonuses when using the PayByPhone method to make payments at the casino.
  • Once you are at the casino and have the one with the best offers at your disposal, choose the PayByPhone option to make deposits for playing your most loved games at the casino.
  • On choosing this option, you will be asked the deposit amount. Enter the deposit amount you are comfortable with paying for playing the number of rounds you want to play at the casino. Most of the times, the network providers set a maximum limit for the amount of deposit you can make. You have to choose your network provider and check the maximum limit. This upper limit cannot be breached, and you have to enter a deposit amount that is equal to or less than this maximum limit.
  • Now the casino will ask you for the phone number you want your casino bill attached to. This mobile is not only used by the casinos to bill you, but they will also verify this phone number and verify if you are the person who is using this phone number at the casino to pay the bills. You will be taken forward to the next steps to verify your phone number.
  • Once you enter your phone number, you will receive a One Time Password or any other code that you have to enter to verify your phone number. You may also receive a link that you have to click on to verify it is your phone number. Once verified, the transaction of the casino will be made on your phone number and your deposit will be made instantly. You can now start playing the games at the online casino.

The PayByPhone casinos are very secure, and now this new feature has also made the leakage of sensitive banking information impossible. People can now use these casinos with no fear of losing their banking passwords or credit card and debit card details. The password or code sent as text on your mobile is an added layer of security because the person having that phone number needs to have that phone with them to actually make deposits and payments at the casino. Such PayByPhone casinos are completely legal and are regulated by government organizations and any fraud that happens is handled by proper channels. Some of the major PayByPhone service providers for casino mobile number deposit method are Boku, PayForIt and Simpler among many other smaller players in the market.

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Name: How comforting is making deposits via phone debit at casinos?

Posted On: 25/12/2019

Author: Tony Willets

How comforting is making deposits via phone debit at casinos?
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