A comparison of popular casino games with their house edge

A comparison of popular casino games with their house edge

The basic attraction of casino games is that there is a possibility to win and if luck favours win big! This is the most common reason why people frequent any new online casino UK; for the high that making money of skill-based and luck-based games provide. So, generally every player who plays wants to win but if that happens casinos cannot stay in business. Hence, casino games are designed in such a way that irrespective of your skill or your luck the more you play, the more you lose. So, since players have to plan for the eventuality of losing they are generally advised to stick to games that have a low house edge.

What is house-edge in the casino world?

As we informed you earlier, all casino games are built in a way that it works in the casino’s favour. This inherent advantage is what is termed as the house-edge; basically, it is the edge or the advantage the house/casino has over the player. So, the house edge is something any and every casino game has; whether it is skill games or luck-based games, card games, table games or simple slots, they have a specific house advantage. The one thing you have to understand here is that the house edge is inherent to the casino games, so whatever the casino you are playing at and whether it is a long-established institution of a new online casino UK the house-edge for a specific remains constant.

A comparison of popular casino games with their house edge

Can we use our knowledge of the house-edge to our advantage?

Ultimately, when playing any casino game, the aim of the player is to minimize loses while maximizing profits. House-edge can be a great help in doing so, especially when picking the casino game you want to play. Knowing a game’s house-edge can help you figure two aspects: how much the game pays out in the long run and is it something that provides good returns for the players. Games with a lower house-edge are the ones that provide the best returns to the players, which is why these are the games you should be thinking about playing. So if you are thinking of visiting a new online casino UK and considering which casino game to start with here are some of the popular casino games online casinos generally offer and their house advantages.

Online Slots

Online slots are one casino game that is omnipresent; whether you go to a popular one or a new online casino UK, you are sure to be presented with an array of different, themed and engaging slot games. And given that most can be played for very little investment, most players generally don’t shy away from enjoying a game or two once in a while. In fact, online casinos to encourage players to try slots by providing them with free spins.

 With a house edge of 2-15% slots are one game you should totally avoid playing seriously. If you are interested in making a profit from your online casino experience, slots are not the way to go. With some of the lowest RTP for the players, slots are money minting machines for any new online casino UK.


Another popular casino game that any new online casino UK or any established casino will be sure to provide is the game of blackjack. In fact casinos today also provide live blackjack games which are considered a lot more exciting and on par to blackjack games at conventional brick-and-mortar casinos. The main reason why blackjack enjoys such immense popularity is that it is a game where players have a very good chance of winning. With just a 0.5% of house-edge players can profit from playing blackjack especially with the right knowledge and skill. In fact, there have been and are a lot of successful, professional gamblers who have managed to beat the house edge and win consistently at the game of blackjack.

Video Poker

Another casino game with a low house edge of just 0.45 percentage Video Poker is another casino game that can be great from the player’s point of view. The best advantage with video poker is that players can enjoy slots like the gameplay but at the same time can benefit from a knowledge of actual poker. The game of video poker is engaging, exciting and at the same time, very much profitable and players can benefit from knowing the poker rules and pre-designed poker strategies to beat the house edge.

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Name: A comparison of popular casino games with their house edge

Posted On: 06/11/2019

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A comparison of popular casino games with their house edge
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