What Are Craps Bets and How Are They Classified?

What Are Craps Bets and How Are They Classified?

Mobile casinos have made it possible through online casinos for everyone to throw the dice and play cards as in a real casino. But when it comes to craps, you must know everything. It’s a very easy game once you know the kind of bets that are placed. So, here is a complete classification of craps bets and how to play them.

What Are Craps Bets?

Different wagers can be placed in a crap game. Though knowledge of all of these craps bets is not essential, you must know what it takes for a beginner to place a crap bet. You cannot just place a bet because you are told to do so; else there will be no fun for you in the game.

Craps is a simple game which is played with the help of a crap table and dice. The table is marked, and you can place your bet after learning a few craps bets.

Classification of Craps Bets

Here are some types of craps bets which may help you understand this game.

Line Bets

If there is a kind of crap bet which everyone needs to know about is a line bet. It is an essential part of the game, and the player needs to place a line bet if he wants to shoot, i.e. throw the dice. It is of two types- Pass Line Bet or Doesn’t Pass bet.

Pass Line Bet and Don’t Pass bet

These two craps bets are the opposite of each other, but both of them pay even money. When you place a pass line bet, you win when the come-out roll is 7 or 11. At the exact opposite, if you place a Don’t Pass bet, you win when the come-out roll is 2 or 3, and lose if the result is 7 or 11. If it is a 12, then the bet is neither won nor lost.

In the case of a pass line bet, if any other number is rolled other than 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12, a point is established. Now the player needs to roll that point again before a 7 to win the bet. But if the player rolls a seven before the point, the bet is lost.

Don’t Pass bet is opposite again. If a point is established, the player must roll a seven to win. But if the point number is rolled before a seven, the bet is lost.

What Are Craps Bets

Come Bet and Don’t Come bet

These craps bets are also each other’s opposites. A come bet is placed on the “Come” Field on the crap table only after the “POINT” is established. Seven or eleven rollouts are a win while 2, 3, or 12 are lost. If the result of a come-out roll is established at a point, i.e. four, five, six, eight, nine, or a ten is rolled out, a Come Point is established, and the rest is the same as a pass line bet. That is, the point is to be rolled out before seven or eleven to win. The player loses the bet if seven or eleven is rolled out before the point.

 A Don’t Come Bet is placed on the Don’t Come to Bar on the table only after a point is established and the rules are similar to a Don’t Pass Line bet. A player wins if 2 or 3 is rolled out and loses if 7 or 11 is rolled out. A 12 is a tie. After a point is established, the player needs to roll a seven to win. But if the point is rolled out before seven, the bet is lost.

Field Bets

On the table, a Field is marked with numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. To win a Field Bet, a player must roll a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 to win the bet with double a=payout if two is rolled and triple payout if 12 is rolled. If the rollout results in a 5, 6, 7, or 8, the bet is lost.

Place Bets

A place bet is a crap bet which may be placed to either win or lose.

Place Bet to Win

There are numbers marked on the table, 4, 5, Six, 8, Nine, or 10. To win a place bet to win, the player must roll the place number before a seven. If seven is rolled before rolling the place number, the bet is lost.

Place Bet to Lose

To win a Place Bet to lose, a player must roll a seven before the place number. If the place number is rolled before a seven, the bet is lost.

Buy Bets

These craps bets are the same as the place bets. The only difference is that you have to pay a 5% commission on the winnings. The payouts are higher, and that’s what makes these craps bets more attractive. But be careful as some casinos ask for the commission before the dice are thrown while some charge their commission only after the winnings.

Big 6 or Big 8

In the corner, there is a place marked with big six or big eight. The player has to throw a six or eight before a seven to win. If seven is rolled out before six or 8, the best is lost.

Hardway Bets

As the name suggests, these craps bets are hard to win. They can be won with a hard roll or an easy roll. For example, to roll an 8, a hard roll means both the dices should roll 4. The easy way is to roll other combinations such as 5 or 3, 2 or 6, before rolling a seven.

These are few craps bets explained which may help you to play crabs in an online casino game or an online mobile casino. Mobile casinos are changing the way one can play these games without having to worry about stepping out of the home. They are the future of online casinos, and you can also be a part of these games once you learn about these craps bets and the fundamentals. Happy gaming!

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Name: What Are Craps Bets and How Are They Classified?

Posted On: 27/01/2021

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What Are Craps Bets and How Are They Classified?
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