How To Deal With Cold Streak in Gambling?

Experiencing a cold streak can be rather tough on the mind, emotions and mental attitude. When it stretches on and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, it can make more than a few gamblers questioning their purpose in life, their role in the overall scheme of things and possibly even their masculinity.

How To Deal With Cold Streak in Gambling?

Successfully dealing with a cold streak requires large doses of poise and unwavering faith in the essential goodness of such a noble personage as Lady Luck. The wise bettor should also endeavour to avoid the following with all his might:

What to Take Care Of When You Are Under A Cold Streak?

  • Emotions and Hemotions

By and large, our emotions rule us. Sports, gambling and money tend to easily arouse our emotions, and this is precisely why a cold streak during sports betting can trigger an emotional and potentially self-destructive state of mind. This state of mind is what compels bettors who just lost their bet to immediately bet more in the hope of winning it back. However, doing this and chasing losses is fruitless, with the poor state of mind of the bettor precluding his making reasonable judgements and therefore serving to compound his loss.

  • Compounding Mistakes

This is a corollary to the above. Now, following some consecutive cold streaks and losing bets, by far the most common reaction is to make up for the amount lost by increasing the size of the bet and immediately wagering this sum in the hope of recouping losses. This is, however, a losing proposition. Some folks react to losing streaks by boosting the frequency of their wagers in the hope that they will win some serious wins out of them immediately. This too is silly in the extreme and can only result in the speedy depletion of the bankroll and possibly bankruptcy.

  • Doubting Thomases Not Welcome

There is no surfeit of advice as to what to do during a cold streak. But losing belief in oneself and one’s own abilities and deferring to the opinions and feelings of others just might be the worst thing to do. Yes, paying heed to blokes in the pub who couldn’t play an online slot game to save their lives and yet consider themselves experts on all gambling-related matters is a right recipe for disaster and certainly will not lead to a reversal of fortunes. Nor will be too hard on oneself work wonders. Rather, once confidence is lost and the correct calculation of the pros and cons of one game or the other cannot be accurately determined and wagered on, it is time to take a break. The exact duration of this break is up to the individual gambler.

Gambling just like any other activity is filled with risk. These risks can all be well managed, provided that the gambler knows what he/she is doing and is willing to be flexible. When a cold streak is experienced as it most often is, rather than panic and bet on everything within reach, bettors can instead take the time to consider their response and then, implement it with poise and confidence. Alternatively, they can also quit the game.

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Name: How To Deal With Cold Streak in Gambling?

Posted On: 20/05/2019

Author: Tony Willets

How To Deal With Cold Streak in Gambling?
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