Difference Between Giant Gems and Lightning Gems Slots

Giant Gems and Lightning Gems slots are two popular gem-themed games. As the names suggest, both the games are related to gemstones. Stone and jewels are probably the most frequently used in casinos and even in arcade games. This theme is very well-liked among all kinds of games. The big and beautiful rocks make the visuals in a game very attractive.
These two slot games are also popular for this reason. Playing the gem-themed slots is very exciting and fun. The massive jewels are extremely attractive. When you play these slots, it makes you want a gem in real life!

Difference Between Giant Gems and Lightning Gems Slots

Casino players are always curious about the features of any slots game that they encounter. Knowing about the unique and bonus features of the game helps you decide which game to play. This is especially needed for Giant Gems and Lightning Gems, two games which seem similar yet are quite distinct.

So, for the convenience of the players, listed below are the similarities and differences between Giant Gems slots and Lightning Gems slots.

Basic features of the Giant Gems and the Lightning Gems Slots

The slot games have their own unique features and are quite different. But the symbols on both are similar. Lightning Gems slots is a fantasy-themed game. It has 5 reels and 10 paylines.
Giant Gems slots, on the other hand, is a classic gem themed slots game. But it also has 5 reels in 3 rows, and 10 fixed paylines.

However, the similarities in the games end there. The other features in the game are very different.

Lightning Gems Slots and Giant Gems – different bonus features

As far as the bonus features are concerned, there are differences here.
Lightning Gems slots game offers 3 bonus features. These are the Wild Nudges, Wild Wins, and free spins. With the free spins feature, 50 extra wilds are awarded. Giant Gems, on the other hand, has no bonus feature.

Many interesting features in both!

The two games also differ in their various other features. Lightning Gems slots has a wild symbol. It gives 500 coins for 5 on a payline, which gives huge wins, while the Giant Gems has no such wild card.

But the Giant Gems has a fun feature called the Fortune Spins. This feature gives the players access to a range of precious stones. These stones can be activated by placing a side bet. These stones are able to replace the symbols on the reels, and give much higher rewards! Giant Gems is a classic game with its attractive symbols and cool soundtrack. This makes the game immense fun.

Playing with the big gems might prove to be very fruitful. The one thing that makes both the games very exciting is their high payouts. With their interesting features and high rewards, if you are lucky, you could even buy a gem in real life from all your winnings!

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Name: Difference Between Giant Gems and Lightning Gems Slots

Posted On: 01/12/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Difference Between Giant Gems and Lightning Gems Slots
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