Difference between Jungle Jim Slots and Gonzos Quest Slots Online

Jim and Gonzo are one of the popular explorers on online slot games. They are adventurous and feisty. Gonzos Quest slots online players might have identified noticeable similarities between the two slots. Thus, you will find several reviews which point out that Jungle Jim El Dorado is just a Microgaming version of the Gonzos Quest slots. Here is a systematic comparison of the two slots that will point out the difference between Jungle Jim slots and Gonzos Quest slots.

Difference between Jungle Jim Slots and Gonzo's Quest Slots

Gonzos Quest Slots Online and Jungle Jim have differences in the basic game itself

  • Paylines: Gonzos Quest slots online has 20 paylines whereas the Jungle Jim slots is played over 25 paylines.
  • Bets: Jungle Jim has a wider betting range from 0.25 to 25.00 whereas the Gonzos Quest offers 0.20 to 10.00 coins per spin.
  • Jackpot: While the Gonzos Quest slots offer a jackpot prize of 2500 coins, the players can win a larger jackpot of 8000 coins in the Jungle Jim Eldorado slot.
  • Reels: Both the slots are played over 5*3 reels, so exactly the same in a number of reels.

Characters are slightly varied in Gonzos Quest Slots Online and Jungle Jim

While Gonzos Quest slots online pick up its main character Gonzo from the inspiring Spanish adventurer Gonzalo Pizarro, the square-jawed Jungle Jim draws more of an Indiana Jones picture in its character. While both the characters lead the players through the natural Aztec jungles, each one of them holds a different identity creating distinct pictures in the mind of players.

Rolling Reels Multiplier Trial

The Rolling Reels feature is present in both the slots but runs by a different name in Gonzos Quest slots online. Here, the reels keep falling down on the 5*3 frame. If the player manages to create a winning payline, it disappears the winning symbols and replaces them with newer ones. With each Rolling Reel, the Multiplier Trail increases its value. The difference lies herein. In Gonzos quest, this is laid out in the form of 1x, 2x, then 3x and 5x. You will find the order from 1x to 5x in continuity in Jungle Jim.

Gonzos Quest has a slightly varied series of key features

Though both the slots have some striking similarities, minor differences in the key features can still be pointed out. While spinning the Gonzos Quest slots online, you can gather 10 free spins when you land three or more scatters along consecutive reels, unlike Jungle Jim where the scatter symbols can land on simply three reels.

Winning Values across paylines

Gonzos Quest again stands out to be a bit different as you can see seven symbols instead of eight as in Jungle Jim. The range of coins is from 3 up to 2500 in Gonzos whereas the range is slightly higher in Jungle Jim with maximum value being 3000 coins.

Apart from these minor differences, the Jungle Jim slot seems to be almost on the same lines as NetEnt’s Gonzos Quest. But there is nothing new in the fact that any popular slot is often the inspiring power behind other newer versions! More the variety, greater is the fun factor!

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Name: Difference between Jungle Jim Slots and Gonzos Quest Slots Online

Posted On: 18/09/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Difference between Jungle Jim Slots and Gonzos Quest Slots Online
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