Different Types of Bets in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. The number of players around Blackjack tables and the revenue the game generates shows. But many rookie players would want to know when to bet in Blackjack. This article answers that question, and beyond that, explains the different types of bets in Blackjack.

Different Types of Bets in Blackjack

Different Kinds of Bets and When to Bet in Blackjack

As the name implies, Flat Bet means placing the same amount of money every time you are betting. The Flat Bet isn’t popular for a couple of reasons. One, players think dealers win more hands than they do. Secondly, the Flat Bet offers no thrill; such players prefer placing different amounts, preferably higher to win more, just to spice things up and make the game more interesting.

Examine the facts below to determine when to bet in Blackjack using the Flat Bet. If a player hypothetically places a £5 wager on every hand, the casino will have a house edge of 0.5% in a standard deck game even against a seasoned player who only uses basic strategies. It means you’ll lose, on average, 0.5% of every stake you have placed. To put the numbers in perspective, if you wager £10 on every hand and average 50 hands, you will have made £500 worth of bets and the casino will make 0.5% of your total stake, i.e. £2.5. However, you are likely to lose more than the calculated house edge.

When to bet in Blackjack with a Progressive Strategy?

In Progressive Strategy, players change their wager in every hand they play as opposed to placing a similar amount on every hand. The Progressive Strategy differs in many ways but generally, they either increase or decrease. It all depends on whether you won or lost in the hand you played.

Win progressions encourage the player to up their wager. The most popular win progression is the 1-2-3-5 progression that players use to increase their wagers by the aforementioned multiples following a winning hand. When a player loses, they restart the progression with the 1-unit stake. Supporters of win progressions use an arbitrary situation, which assumes that if you win five consecutive hands, you will get more money compared to what you would lose if you lost five consecutive ones. But that’s just that, a hypothetical situation.

There are wagering progressions that have the player increase their stake after a loss. That you should try to avoid such is a no-brainer.

The third type of betting progression is hybrid progression. By using it, players increase their wagers after winning two or three successive wins then lower their bets thereafter; the cycle continues.

When to bet in Blackjack when you have the Edge (Counting Cards)

Players with knowledge and experience of counting cards always have edge over the house. They know when and when not to place and increase or lower their stake. But not many players know how to count cards and the few who know, don’t concentrate enough to keep tabs as the game proceeds.

These three types of Blackjack bets should guide you on when to bet in Blackjack.

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Name: Different Types of Bets in Blackjack

Posted On: 21/06/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Different Types of Bets in Blackjack
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