Electronic Roulette Vs Traditional Roulette

While having much the same rules as traditional Roulette, there are quite a few interesting peculiarities to be found in Electronic Roulette. While traditional Roulette takes place on a single gaming table within a brick-and-mortar casino, this Roulette is played online.

Electronic Roulette Vs Traditional Roulette

It uses an automated wheel or a giant screen on which the spinning Roulette wheel has been projected. It supports multiple gaming stations and has a virtual layout that is identical to that found in traditional Roulette.

In Electronic Roulette, the entire playing process is automated. Thus, messages regularly appear on the mobile or PC of players, guiding them through the different gameplay stages.

Thus, should the “Place your bets” message appears, players can proceed to place their bets by tapping the appropriate squares on the virtual Roulette table. For security reasons, the worth of each stake is concealed from the other players.

Bets in online Roulette can be made till the “No more bets” sign crops up.

The Electronic Roulette Future

To make the gameplay as random as can be and give Lady Luck a leg to stand on, the speed at which the wheel in Electronic Roulette spins is randomly determined by software. The same software determines the speed at which the Roulette ball will move, with this speed being randomly calculated per spin.

Once gameplay is over, the results are shown at once on the screen of players, as well as on other screens located in the background of the online casino that is hosting that particular Electronic Roulette game. Should players bet on a winner, their accounts are immediately credited, while losses are immediately subtracted.

To cease playing this Roulette, all that is required is to click on the “Payment” button. This action results in players taking all that they might have won so far and exit the game.

Bet Types

Just like in traditional Roulette, bet types in Electronic Roulette mainly consist of inside and outside bets. The inside bets have bigger payouts and are less likely to hit. The outside bets have smaller payouts and are more likely to hit.

Inside bet types include:

  • Straight-Up Bets: these types of bets are made on a single number. The payout is 35x the stake.
  • Split: these are made on 2 numbers. The payout is 17x the stake.
  • Top Line: this covers 3 numbers and is made on the first vertical line. It pays out 11x the stake.
  • Corner: these are made on a quartet of numbers that meet where there is a corner. The payout is 8x the stake.
  • Six Line- this is made on 6 consecutive numbers. The payout is 5x the stake.

Outside bet types consist of the following:

  • Even Money: this is made on red/black, odd/even, or high/low. The payout is 1x the stake.
  • Dozens and Columns: this type of bet pays out either 2x or 1⁄2x the wager depending on how they are made and where they are made.

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Name: Electronic Roulette Vs Traditional Roulette

Posted On: 14/06/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Electronic Roulette Vs Traditional Roulette
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