Fascinating Facts About The Osbournes

If you are a fan of hard metal music and Ozzy Osbourne, you surely would have heard about The Osbournes. For those who are not aware, this was well documented American reality TV show based on the singer Ozzy and his family. This show was aired on MTV between years 2002 and 2005 and became very popular. This show was all about how the singer lives his life with his wife and kids. There were many of his popular songs that were featured throughout this TV series too. This show really gave an opportunity to his fans to know more about him.

Fascinating Facts About The Osbournes

Unusual and Rather Shocking Facts about The Osbournes

There are certain facts about the singer that even The Osbournes as a show did not cover. You may find these shocking or just surprising but all the way worth to know.

  • This chief of The Osbournes suffers from dyslexia because of which he said he often struggled while writing his book ‘I am Ozzy’. He keeps reading as a close hobby to overcome his condition.
  • He was an inmate of a jail once where he served the sentence on charges of burglary. But this was long before he got famous.
  • Ozzy still suffers from stage fears but he brilliantly overcomes that with his powerful performance.
  • He made his own tattoos while he was in jail and he did it with help of a needle and grate polish.
  • A wax statue of Ozzy is made with some sensors attached to it. When audience approaches the statue, it starts peeing and this taken from an incident involving Ozzy urinating on Alamo Memorial long time ago while under the influence of drugs.
  • Ozzy once fought completely naked with a burglar at his house who tried to steal his wife’s stuffs.
  • Ozzy claims that he has never watched even a single episode of the TV show, The Osbournes.
  • As a child, Ozzy was bullied by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. This was many years before Ozzy entered the band as a singer.
  • The first name of Black Sabbath was The Polka Tulk Blues Band which was changed to Polka Tulk and then to Earth. Finally, they became popular with a much darker name.
  • Barbara Bush, former first lady is fan of singer Ozzy Osbourne

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Name: Fascinating Facts About The Osbournes

Posted On: 11/08/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Fascinating Facts About The Osbournes
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