Five interesting facts about the millionaires in the gambling industry

Gambling is by its very nature a very interesting activity. And that is part of the reason why so many folks indulge at it, both at the winner casino and other places.

There are quite a few more than interesting facts about gambling waiting to be told. But in this writeup, let’s learn about the most interesting facts that can be gleaned from one of the biggest TV game shows of all time- Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Read on for some sweet and interesting tidbits below.

The Winner Casino Makes For Really Interesting Times

The most interesting facts as it relates to WWTBAM are as follows:

  • The Cheat Is Caught– in September 2001, a major by the name of Charles Ingram won a million pounds on WWTBAM. The whole world was aghast, impressed and delighted at his feet and rightly too. It soon turned out that the chap had been less than honest. He had accomplices in the audience who alerted him to the right things to do and the correct choice to make. Once he was caught, his win was cancelled.
  • Time To Get Nervous– well, it turns out that the set of WWTBAM is purposefully designed to make contestants as nervous as can be. This was because nervous contestants are more likely to make mistakes and less able to walk away with anything worthwhile. That is the slightest bit shady but perfectly legal.
  • Hail John The Carpenter– John was not a carpenter. Carpenter was his surname. His claim to fame came about when he made it to the very last stage of WWTBAM without having once made use of a lifeline. On the final question, this brassy chap made use of the “phone a friend” option. Rather than making an actual phone to a friend to ask for help, he called his dad to alert him to the fact that he had just won a million dollars. His panache speedily made him a winner casino conversation staple.
  • The Devil Is In The Details– well, gamblers the winner casino can win and get all their wins immediately. That is, however, not the case at WWTBAM. It turns out that they don’t get it all, at least not all at once. A portion of the amount won is paid annually, rather than given in a single lump sum. This helps ensure that winners don’t immediately waste their wins by buying up a solar system. Still, such a method of dispensing wins has plenty of opponents.
  • Movies Are Inspirational– surprise! WWTBAM is the inspiration behind one of the most powerful movies of the last decade. This movie took the entire world by storm, opened the eyes of many inhabitants of this planet to the beauty and skills of Bollywood and made the cast of Slumdog Millionaire very popular. Yes, WWTBAM was the inspiration behind the creation of that iconic movie, though some at winner casino might have difficulty believing that.

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Name: Five interesting facts about the millionaires in the gambling industry

Posted On: 12/08/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Five interesting facts about the millionaires in the gambling industry
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