Fun Facts About the Halloween Movie

There are some movies that do not fade with time, their popularity keeps increasing. The Halloween movie from John Carpenter is one such movie that has a huge fan following globally. Often said to be number one classic horror movie ever made, the movie offered audiences many moments of gripping fear. Since most of you might be well versed in every scene in the movie, let’s take a look at some interesting, fun facts about this horror classic.

Fun Facts About the Halloween Movie

Halloween Movie gave Jamie Lee Curtis a Big Surprise

After the end of the first-day shooting of the movie, Jamie Lee Curtis was desperate. She felt that her acting skill had been really bad, and she was pretty much sure that she was going to get fired. However, the very same night she received a call from John Carpenter. Jamie got sick worried, thinking she was going to get fired. However, Carpenter went ahead and showered her with praises for her acting. In fact, Carpenter even told her that he was extremely pleased with how things were going. Many of you might be wondering how much Jamie was paid for the movie? Well, Jamie’s remuneration for this classic horror tale was $8000.

Halloween Movie Mask

The first mask that the crew of the movie wanted to try out was not the now well-known William Shatner mask. Instead, they wanted to try was that of a smiling clown with red hair added to it. This Emmet Kelly mask was an effort to give homage to the fact that, Judith his sister was killed by him in the attire of a clown. However, the test result wasn’t exciting as the clown mask looked creepy. Hence, they decided to go ahead with the William Shatner mask.

Halloween Movie Script Had a Different Name Initially

The initial script of this movie had a different name. This was by the name of Babysitter Murders. The events that occur in the movie was set to happen over a few days. However, budget constraints led the movie makers to change the sequence to everything happening on the same day. They also decided that it would be better for the movie if the events were planned as if occurring Halloween day.

The movie has a lot of such amazing facts that are not known to the general public. Even though it was made on a shoestring budget, the movie remains one of the most favourite horror movies for the global audience, and it was a favourite among the critics too.

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Name: Fun Facts About the Halloween Movie

Posted On: 18/12/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Fun Facts About the Halloween Movie
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