Visit Miss Lita Flamel at her lab as she uses various spells and potions to display her expertise in alchemy at Alchemy Blast. 

Game features 

The game of Alchemy Blast is set up in a lab owned by Lita Flamel, the master of alchemy. The background features this lab and various small and big equipment used by her. The slot features 5 reels and 6 rows, which are filled with various elements, each identified by its colour such as orange, green, pink, yellow, red, and blue. 

A cluster pay mechanism is followed in the game where the payout is given to the player for each cluster created and removed from the grid. Apart from that, progress bars are present on top of the grid, which slowly fills up as the elements are blasted. 

Special features 

Considering the unique concept that the game is based on, instead of usual wilds or scatters, the use of special elixirs has been made in the game. The player has to click on the elixir shaped button present below the grid so that he can earn chances to collect the different elixir bottles and reap their benefits. In total, there are 3 elixirs, each of them offering a variety of advantages such as : 

  •     Magic elixir - This elixir comes in blue colour and offers the mystery box benefit. When the player collects one bottle of the magic elixir, a new grid of potion vials is displayed on the screen, out of which the player has to click on vials, one at a time to gain the mystery bonus and avoid the poison vials as these can end the game. 
  •     Wisdom elixir - This elixir comes in pink colour and offers the wisdom library benefit. When the player collects two bottles of the wisdom elixir, the gates to the library are opened where two different types of books can be found - the wisdom book and the curse book.
  •     Immortality elixir - This elixir comes in green colour and offers the bonus of free spins. When the player collects three bottles of the immortality elixir, he is given 5 free spins. 

Bonus features

The philosopher's stone feature is a bonus that is triggered when the player blasts a cluster of the philosopher's stones, and the multiplier elements present underneath come into action, thereby increasing the player's total rewards. 

Other than this, a rank progression system is present in the game, which includes rank 1 to 90. As the player advances in the game and wins the bonus rounds, he is given one star, and a total of 3 stars can take the rank up by a level. 


Therefore, it can be said that Alchemy Blast is a unique and exciting game that provides a fresh concept of gameplay and features to the players. 


Game Name: Alchemy Blast

Posted On: 13/03/2020

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Alchemy Blast
Alchemy Blast
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