Blacjkack Professional Series High Limit

Blackjack is counted amongst the most classic cards games in the casino. With time there have been a lot of variations and versions brought into the game. This Blackjack Professional Series High Limit variation by NetEnt further increases the thrill of the game.

NetEnt is one of the leaders of online gambling solutions globally. With the introduction of the online gaming, NetEnt has brought a few variations to its basic Blackjack and given the players an added advantage. The Blackjack Professional series High Limit is for the experienced players who want more thrill, high bets and risky games.

A look into the Features of Blackjack Professional Series High Limit

The Blackjack Professional Series High Limit is played with 4 decks of cards. Before the cards are dealt, the players can choose 1 to 3 hands against the dealer. After the cards are shuffled, the dealer takes a stand at 17 and the players can place the bets. These side bets can be put on the first two cards and can be multiplied a hundred times to the bet amount. There are other features like Hit, Stand, Split, Double, and insurance to choose the risk factors and bets for the players.

There are music, speed and sound effects that are adjustable according to the player’s choice.

Game rules and play

The rules of the game involve playing Blackjack like the traditional methods but here with a twist. The biggest change lies in the betting amount. The Blackjack professional series high limit is all about raised betting limits. The players play with a limit higher than £25.00. Therefore even the minimum betting has to be above £25.00.

The hunt is for the Blackjack i.e. ace, ten or a face card. The strategy chart decides the winning position of a player in the game.

The side bet can include any amount higher than the initial bet and can be multiplied with rounds of betting in as high as a hundred times to the initial bet.


With amazing 3D effects, graphics and suitable music to fill up the aura, NetEnt has introduced a much interesting version of Blackjack for the players. Blackjack Professional Series High Limit deals with the higher limit play and increases the thrill with more risk per bet. The Double Jack side bet is an interesting add-on to bring wins to the players. The smooth flow of the game and a creative outlay brings all the attention and excitement for the players!


Game Name: Blacjkack Professional Series High Limit

Posted On: 12/12/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blacjkack Professional Series High Limit
Blacjkack Professional Series High Limit
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