Evolution Gaming brings great news to the passionate Blackjack players and live table game fans with their new game from their exclusive collection of Live Blackjack table games. Blackjack H live features fun and thrill of classic blackjack with some new features, beautiful background and visual effects, and amazing video quality. The game has double down and split features along with the bet behind that makes the game more interesting.

Blackjack H Live - rules and features

The first amazing fact of Blackjack H Live is you'll be playing against a live actual dealer. The dealers of the game are the employees of Evolution Gaming who are known for their talent and skills in worldwide casino table games. The game is played with 8 decks of cards and every table offers 7 seats to play live Blackjack H.

The rules are similar to that of the other blackjack games by Evolution Gaming. The dealer stands on any 17 while playing. You can double down of your first two hands and split any hand into two equally valued hands. There's also a bet behind feature in which you can bet on the other player's hand.

The video feed of the game is nothing less than a cinematic experience. The full-screen video, HD video quality, and beautiful background and visual effects make the game even more interesting to play. On one of the corners of the screen, you will see the controls and buttons. Using these you can adjust the sound, communicate with your dealer, also take your decisions during the game.

The side bets and perfect pairs

Just like other live blackjack games Blackjack H live features two side bets - perfect pairs and 21+3. You can play these side bets in combination with the main bet. Regardless of winning or losing a blackjack bet, you get the winnings from your side bets added into your account.

Each side bet has different payouts. For example, under a perfect pair side bet the colour pair pays back 12:1 while the mixed pair gives out 6:1. As for 21+3, the suited trips give out 100:1, straight flush 40:1, and three of a kind pays back 30:1.


Blackjack H live is an amazing gaming experience for the passionate blackjack players who love the comfort of their chair. Live dealer, full-screen HD video feed, features like double down, bet behind, and split and the side bets to win extras makes this game a thrilling and fun experience.


Game Name: Blackjack H Live

Posted On: 11/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack H Live
Blackjack H Live
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