Blackjack is an Evolution Gaming product which is one of the hottest table games and has always remained too. So, here is a notably praiseworthy variant of blackjack named as Blackjack M Live.

Begin to play Blackjack M Live

There are eight decks of cards in total which are used for playing Blackjack M Live and each deck comprises 52 cards each. The dealer hosts the game always. The dealer's duty is to draw until 16s and stand on the 17. All the cards that are dealt initially having same values can split but there is a restriction that a single split is allowed for every hand.

All the cards in the decks have their own respective values. The playing cards from 2 up to 10 have their respective face values as their respective worth. If you decide to opt for a soft hand, 11 is the value of Ace and 10 is the value of the face cards.

Only a specific betting time is allowed to a player and when it is over, one face card will be presented with which both the player and the dealer have to deal with. The dealing will begin keeping 1 face card in focus that is fixed on the left side and will rotate in a clockwise direction. This process will terminate on reaching the dealer. If the hand has 2 initial cards whose value is 21, the message will be flashed declaring that you have a blackjack.

If the dealer has an upcard as an Ace, you will be asked to purchase an Insurance. The purchase holds importance as it offsets the risk. There may also be a situation when the initial hand's value isn't 21, in that particular case a Double Down option is also there which multiplies the bet by 2. In Double Down, there is an allowance of only 1 extra card.

Wanna Split?

If the initial hand comprises of a pair of cards with equal value, the pair has an ability to split therefore resulting in 2 bets. Those two bets can have different sizes as well. Well, if you are looking for the option of side bets, these are optional. Examples are 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

Final Thoughts: Blackjack M Live Review

Being a straightforward Blackjack game, the rules are quite easy to know and understand too. With all the action and fun packed into the game, this Blackjack M Live is definitely a treat for all the Blackjack lovers.


Game Name: Blackjack M Live

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack M Live
Blackjack M Live
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