Blackjack Professional Series Standard

The most favoured class in casinos are the table games which are played using the different number of decks of cards. The table games are beloved of casino players as they require the combination of skills, strategies and luck and doesn't require any specialisation for achieving big wins. Blackjack Professional Series Standard by Netent can be considered as a supreme illustration of an online blackjack.

How to Play Blackjack Professional Series Standard?

Firstly, select your chip size and hit the rectangle icon placed in front of players so as to place their stake in Blackjack Professional Series Standard. The players can play max up to 3 hands at one time by using the other 2 rectangles available on the table. After which, players will receive 2 cards face up and if they are lucky by achieving a hand equal to 21 or closer to it, they will be awarded a cash prize. However, players must always remember that their hand score must not exceed 21, otherwise, they will get busted.

The Ace card worth equals to 11 or 1 i.e depending on players requirements. While face cards are ten and are worth 11, 12, and 13 starting from Jack, Queen, and King respectively. The number of other cards is worth according to digit printed on them.

Moreover, players will be offered with a series of events when their cards are dealt. They are as follows:

  • Stand - refuse additional card and settle with the final score.
  • Hit - receive an additional card.
  • Split - split 2 cards into 2 different hands.
  • Double - double the stake if players are happy with their hand.
  • Insurance - just pay half of the initial bet again so as to ensure yourself from the dealer. The players will win if the dealer has Blackjack i.e 21 with 2 cards.

Betting Options in Blackjack Professional Series Standard

The max bet players can place during Double Jack round is equal to regular bet i.e bets can be placed wager between £1.00 and £200 on every hand and the side bet on Standard bet levels. Moreover, it has a Low Roller as well as High Roller modes. The Low Roller betting amount ranges between £0.10 and £5.00. While the High Roller allows betting between £25.00 to £500.00, you can place a total bet equal to £3000.00 upon the table.


Game Name: Blackjack Professional Series Standard

Posted On: 12/12/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Blackjack Professional Series Standard
Blackjack Professional Series Standard
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