European Roulette Gold

There are several different variations of casino roulette game because of the popularity this game has earned over the years. With online gaming, the number of these variations have dramatically increased. European Roulette Gold is one of them but with a much better graphics and gameplay experience. There is a gold plated roulette wheel in this game that looks very royal and makes you feel like you are a VIP. There are several betting options in this game to help you win more efficiently too. The betting starts with a mere £0.05 and maximum goes up to £100 each position. The limit varies from one position to the other on the table though.

About the developer of European Roulette Gold

This wonderful new variant of roulette was created by world’s largest casino games provider, Microgaming. With plenty of experience and over a hundred casino games from various categories, they have become masters of the art of gaming.

About the game

There are plenty of betting positions in this European Roulette Gold version. The rules are pretty basic and are played on a European format table with numbers from 1 to 36. There is just a single zero in this game that offers the lowest house edge of 2.7%. You can choose your betting chips and place it on any single numbers or multiple numbers of your choice. The more the number of options, lesser the payout but that offers a better win probability. There are five betting types in the inside area including the straight single number. The others are split for two numbers, street for three, corner for four and line for six number betting.

  •   Outside Bets: To enhance your opportunity of winning, European Roulette Gold allows betting outside the table as well. These areas include betting such as odd-even, high-low, red-black, column and dozen. Though the payout here is just between 2:1 and 1:1, the probability of winning goes up to 50% that helps you make a good profit on a long run.
  •   Game Stats: The speciality of this variant of roulette is the detailed win stats that it shows. If you click on the ‘%’ sign on the game panel, it displays the percentage of all your inside and outside bet wins. This clearly helps you identify strongest positions and bet accordingly in future.


European Roulette Gold is a game with the highest quality of graphics and precision as good as a real world casino. The additional game options help you strategize your moves more effectively.


Game Name: European Roulette Gold

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

European Roulette Gold
European Roulette Gold
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