Got too much time on your hands and are bored out of your skull? Can’t decide which online slot is worthy of your attention and that of your wallet? Well, you can’t do worse than Keno.

While you can’t really get rich off it this game is an excellent way of making time go by at warp speed. In case you didn’t know, Keno is an obscure cousin of Bingo. The way it’s played numbers are drawn and then matched against the ones on the game card given to you.

To win you must accumulate matches like a chipmunk accumulates food before winter. Anything else about this game that needs knowing? Read on to find out.

Keno Lives In Kano

Well, graphics are certainly not eye-candy in the Keno game. But that’s not really important given that it’s all about differently coloured balls and game cards. Still, the game looks attractive and is intuitive enough to make you an expert in no time. Apart from being potentially addictive.

As well, the game setup is so simple that even a kid could understand and play it. Once started players are presented with the entire game card collection numbered 1-80 at the centre of the screen. At the left are the payout, while on the right can be seen the results of recently played games.

Get Keno, Get Awesome

To start playing the first thing to do is to choose the preferred stake. This is done by utilizing the “+” and “-” buttons positioned at the bottom left of the screen. The minimum stake is £0.10, while the maximum is £100.

Once you’ve chosen the stake you can then choose from 2-20 digits on the game card. Should you choose just two numbers and get a match, the return is 1/1. But choosing twenty and getting 10 returns = 10000/1.

Next, players are presented with the option of playing a single game or five in a row. Once they make their pick the game machine will now draw a total of 20 balls at random, with each numbered from 1-80.

At the end of the draw, the winnings if any will be paid off. To restart just click on the “Clear” button.

Final Thoughts

This game does not require any skill to play, which makes it suitable for all categories of people. While the graphical features and RTP might be on the low end, the game is rather convenient and an excellent way to waste time.  If you got lots of it that is.


Game Name: Keno

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

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