Live Blackjack A is an online platform from Evolution Gaming that hosts live blackjack games for all platforms. Apart from the core game at the centre of the platform, there are many added features on Evolution Gaming like the pre-decision and side bet features. The platform also helps players to link directly to the game server through texts, emails, or web pages from any smart device and enhances the ease of playing.

Basic features of Live Blackjack A

Live Blackjack A from Evolution gaming features the largest number of tables in an online blackjack game be it standard or VIP. There are 7 seats at each of these live tables which the players can occupy and play along with their chosen competitors.

But that does not mean that players cannot bet behind. Live dealers make the game a whole lot easier to play with constant interaction and guidance to the players all across the world in their native languages. Cards being dealt with throughout the course of the game are very real and the user interface of the game allows the players to place their bets safely and easily. The game also features live full-screen videos, insurance on bets, and split pair bets.

Live Blackjack A in this way, is a convenient platform to play the conventional game of Blackjack in style.

Rules of Live Blackjack A

This game has just given blackjack an upgrade and the rules are same as the classic casino game. There is a dealer’s hand and a player’s hand. The hand that is closer to 21 wins. The bets available are 21+3 and the side bet feature allows more than the seven betting players to place a bet in the game.

Even the seated players can use the bet-behind feature to place their bets on other seats. This way, an infinite number of players can participate in the game at the same time. The bets by any player can be decided after viewing his or her score that is visible beside the name of the hot players with a gold medal symbol. If the first two cards dealt are mixed, coloured, or perfect pair, a win can be registered through increasing payouts.

Summing Up

Live Blackjack A is everything that the classic game of Blackjack used to be just with a bit of modern touch and innovation.


Game Name: Live Blackjack A

Posted On: 13/12/2018

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Live Blackjack A
Live Blackjack A
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