Louisiana Double Poker

Louisiana Double Poker may seem a bit of an unusual title to you, but it's quite a standard game that was released by Microgaming. An additional card is the basic feature of this game which will double your payouts for combinations. However, it doesn’t have bonus features or Jackpots to grant you heavy wins, but its simple features makes it comfortable for beginners as well.

Keep it simple in Louisiana Double Poker

Louisiana Double Poker gives players a betting range between twenty-five cents and five dollars. That means it allows you to stake up to twenty-five dollars for every hand.

It uses fifty-three cards that is standard 52 card deck along with a card known as Double. If this additional card will appear in any hand then it will double the payout for that particular combination. This hand might be a single pair, a pack of two pairs, three cards of one kind or even four of one kind. Other than this, it will not serve as a wildcard nor will it participate in the formation of any other combinations.

Louisiana Double Poker has the standard poker hands. The lowest one of them is a pair of jacks and the highest one being a royal flush. If you stake five coins then the payout of the highest-ranking hand will be disproportionately high. Hence, it is advised to stake this much number of coins for huge wins. However, in order to get more payouts, you should focus on the identical payouts for the given two or three pairs of one kind.

It also gives a round which allows you to double all your payouts. All you have to do here is guess the higher card from the four face-down cards. If your card will be higher than the dealer's up card then the payout will be doubled. The wrong choice will make you lose your bet. Since there are extra features here, you should try to grab as much as you can from this round. The Help button on the screen can provide you with the required information in case you lose track. Keep an eye over your payouts to play a better game.

Final Thoughts

Louisiana Double Poker is not very different from the usual poker games. However, the Double card may draw your attention whenever you will switch on your screens for this slot game. You should always keep a track of its presence in order to develop the optimal strategy. Play your best hands and take a chance to bag home as much as you wish.


Game Name: Louisiana Double Poker

Posted On: 03/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Louisiana Double Poker
Louisiana Double Poker
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