Mega Money Rush is developed by Microgaming and Skillzz Gaming. It features an online casino gambling racing game with loads of levels, playing modes, and exciting bonuses that enable you to obtain a really large payout at the end of the day.

How To Play Mega Money Rush

If you are looking for a gambling game with a retro touch, similar to the arcade games of the early 90s, then Mega Money Rush is your best bet. The retro-styled graphics helps to add to the beauty of the game. You also get to race with speedboats, cars and planes as you move from one level to another.

In a way, this game is a slot game, but not in the traditional sense as there are no symbols, paylines or reels to speak of. The developers describe this gambling racing game, as an arcade and slot hybrid, that's designed to win the hearts of both players and lovers of the old arcade games and slots.

The objective of Mega Money Rush is to gather coins as you race, and these coins are actually payouts. You advance from one level to another and as you do, you are given a different vehicle to race. At the end of each race, the players are given the opportunity to spin a wheel and uncover a bonus feature which will boost their payout.

Each level has a different amount of payout available, for example, the first level is known as the Road Rush, and it consists of a car to drive and a payout of as much as 1000x your bet. The second level is known as the Water Thrill, which features players racing with a speedboat and that pays up to 2000x your stake. Your bet for each spin can range from £0.50 to £100.

One Big Bonus Round

The entire racing game is one giant bonus round as you keep having fun playing, collecting coins, advancing in levels and winning big payouts in the process. However, there are bumps and traps on the road, especially on the high sea which can make you lose money when you hit them, thus diminishing your payout.

The last level of this racing game is known as Star Blaze, and you can earn as much as 8000x your bet in this stage, you can also gain a multiplier or even an opportunity to spin a wheel, thus boosting your overall payout.

Final Thoughts

Mega Money Rush is a unique online gambling game, that is sure to excite you and increase the size of your balance at the same time. If you love both retro arcade racing games and slots, then you can be sure to satisfy both passions with this game.


Game Name: Mega Money Rush

Posted On: 29/09/2016

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Mega Money Rush
Mega Money Rush
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