Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold

Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold is a new product added to the list of Microgaming’s well known online series of Blackjack games. The players will find its rules to be quite similar to all of its previous Blackjack versions. The most interesting part of this game is that it uses 5 decks of the 52 cards, thereby giving the players 5 or more chances to make a win against the game dealer. Moreover, each of the 5 hands is operated as a virtually separate game, whereas the dealer has only one hand, and is required to stand for all 17s.

Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold Strategies

While playing the Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold, the players must remember that luck is not a sole factor to enable some huge wins. Logical strategies, combined with some good instincts should form their playing skills, and these could easily be learned through regular practice of the game.

How To Play?

When the players start playing the Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold, the dealer's hands will come out with all 5 hands, thus enabling the players to make several standard choices. The players can stand, hit or may double their wager depending on their hand they dealt with. Doubling down the wager is only possible if the players two original cards, summed up to 9, 10 and 11, or to what is recognised as “Hard Hands”. Moreover, the cards J, K and Q are assigned with a value of ten, meaning that these cards cannot be split when a card of the value 10 appears on the screen. However, unlike the other games of Blackjack, Aces card can get split and is the sole major differentiating point of this traditional variety of the online blackjack games.

What So Good?

It provides some fast-paced play actions, alongside a very quick service. This game has a crisp animation accompanied by an electrifying soundtrack, which will give the players a thrilling experience of virtual reality, thus making them feel as if they are playing live with the game dealer. The game interface is very neat and is lightly programmed with slightly more fringe functionalities, which enables for a smooth functioning during the gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold is one of the best games developed by Microgaming. The rules and instructions are very easy to follow, which makes it a favourite for the beginners. However, the smooth interface and colourful scheme makes this game more appealing.


Game Name: Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold

Posted On: 02/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold
Multi-Hand Classic Blackjack Gold
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