Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular and one of the oldest casino table games played against the dealer. Though this game requires luck, players can easily apply various strategies and enhance their winning possibilities. So there is always a demand for more from this game. To meet such demands Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack has come up with an option for players to simultaneously play with five hands. The graphics of this game looks very professional yet simple to understand. This variant of blackjack is played using six decks of 52 cards each that are shuffled after each game. To place your bets, there are chips from £1 to £25 but you can bet up to a max of £200 per hand.

About the developer of Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack

This ultimate blackjack variant with multiple hands at a time was developed by Microgaming. One of the world’s largest casino games developers with hundreds of titles both at land based and online casinos. They are one of the top ranking developers in the world.

About the game

In Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack, the rules are pretty basic that can be compared to any other variant. Your goal in this game is to reach the target of 21 points or anywhere close to that before the dealer himself. If successful in achieving that, you win the hand with a payout of 100% on your total bet. The rules are same for all five hands and you can play any number of hands from one to five. The best you can expect as a payout here is three to two times of your wagering. This is possible if you get 21 points with first two cards you receive from the deck. The game has various other options to help you win better. Features such as double, split and insurance are made available at various stages.

  • Insurance: To opt for this feature, the dealer’s first hand must be an Ace. You will then have to shell out 50% of your total bet as a fee towards insurance. You can win two to one on your total bet should the dealer get a blackjack hand. Otherwise, you do not get paid but the game proceeds as normal. You can opt to take insurance either on one or all five Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack hands.
  • Double-Down: This is the only time where you can cross the limit of £200 max betting. You can only go for this option when your initial two cards make a total of eight or more. What you must note is that you will only receive one final card with this option. So higher the card value the better are your chances of winning here.


Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack is an ultimate variation of the classic game with the ability to play five hands at a time. This makes the chances of making a large number of profits in shorter time.


Game Name: Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack

Posted On: 12/12/2015

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack
Premier Multi-Hand Blackjack
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