Snowflakes online slot as you might have guessed from the name features lots of snowflakes which are coloured. Whenever it’s snowing in the temperate regions of the world, what must be billions of individual pieces of the stuff flutters to the ground. With each piece being of a unique shape, the potential form factor is essentially limitless.

While this online slot might not be as impressive and chilly as a real snow storm, it does have the potential to impress, as long as you don’t set the bar too high that is. Read on and get to see if the white stuff can be made to flutter into your life and enrich your bank account.

It’s Raining Snowflakes, It’s Raining Riches

This rather colourful online slot has five reels mated to three rows. As well as twenty-five paylines that are fixed. The reels come transparent, with the background being otherworldly beautiful and comprising a night sky in which what looks like the Aurora Borealis busily doing their ever-stunning dance across the heavens. This is complemented by snowflakes that gently flutter down and bestow a rather charming effect to the whole scene.

The available symbols all comprise stunning, colourful and exquisitely drawn snowflakesPerforming in the role of the wild is an artistic and frozen wild. In its role, it will replace all other symbols save for the scatter so as to form winning combos. The scatter on its part is a multi-coloured frozen globe.

Don’t Freeze My Bonus, Please

Free Spins - in this slot the free spin feature can be made to get up and running once players land three and up of the scatter. Depending on how much of the stuff they get they stand to receive:

Three scatters for 7 free spins

Four scatters for 10 free spins

Five scatters for 15 free spins

Should any wild symbol be brave enough to land during the free spins feature, it will be frozen in position until the round is at the end. As well, the free spins feature can be reactivated at any time in the round by again landing the necessary number of scatters.

Icy Wild - the Icy Wild bonus happens at random at the conclusion of any spin. The way it works, a maximum of one wild will be slapped onto the reels to help the player get richer.

Wild Wind - in this bonus, wild icons are slapped on while the spin is still ongoing, rather than at its end.

Final Thoughts on This Icy Slot

Sporting an RTP of 96.5%, colourful graphics, good audio effects and bonuses, this online slot is could be suitable for excellent exploration by players in search of great fun.


Game Name: Snowflakes

Posted On: 10/03/2017

Author: Caroline Mitchell

4.5 (89.57%) 23 votes