Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Poker remains to be one of the classiest games that are played and enjoyed among households and casino alike. This popularity has been noticed and followed upon by the online casino market as well, where ‘Texas Hold’em Poker’ remains to be one of the most favourite variants of all. However, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker featured by Evolution Gaming seems to be a unique variety that has been brought forth as a choice for gamblers and players alike. The game involves the inclusion of two very unique bonus features which makes this game worthwhile!

Key features of ‘Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker’:

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker consists of the traditional, standard gameplay which is a multiple player-based casino game variety. The only slight variation that comes in this version is that the game is played against the house/organizer and there is no further inclusion of any bet after the River card. The game is played over a live, steady online stream and features a good high definition quality streaming. The gameplay and the software interface is easily comprehensible and players will find no difficulty in figuring out the gameplay.

Bonus features

There’s a possibility of winning a double bonus scheme in Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker, for players too! It comes in the form of two side bets that can be made as an option. The best thing about the bonus features added is that both the bonuses offer a separate probability of winnings. It remains exclusive of the fact about the hand that the Dealer achieves. One bonus is called as “Optional Bonus Bet” that pays up in the ratio of 1000:1. The other bonus called “First Five Progressive Jackpot side bet” offers a progressively incremental jackpot prize that has a potentially unlimited value! This bonus feature also can be availed at lower-level fixed prizes as well!

Final thoughts

Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker might seem to be the same old and of the same format that is expected of the standard game. But this seems to be much more, thanks to the inclusion of the bonus features. Now it not only increases the potential for players to increase their winnings but also keeps players on their toes with excitement!


Game Name: Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
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