If the name of the game “Treasure of Horus” hasn’t already started giving you the feel of the desert, step further into the game to avail the Egyptian themed slot game. It has got many things that will surely get your attention.

Treasure of Horus- Game Theme

The screen is elaborated with two pillars, each at the extremes, with hieroglyphics of Horus’ eyes and two Falcons with their wings stretched open.

In between the extremes of two pillars, you can see five reel slots placed along three rows and a small golden pyramid hanging in the middle at the top screen. Added to this are palm trees in the background.

Oh, wait! There is more of Egypt. Speaking of the symbols on the reels of Treasure of Horus, you can find four high value and four low-value symbols. The high-value symbols are represented by the popular Egyptian Bastet statue, crossed swords, elegant Ankh symbol and a pile of coins with falcon hieroglyphics.

Beat the Heat

With five reel slots and three rows, Treasure of Horus offers you amazing fixed twenty pay lines. Once you start spinning the slots, the blue scarab beetles appear, to form the winning combinations and flip to show you the usual wild symbol. The scarab replaces all other symbols except for free spin coins and the scattered coins.

Free Spins

Anubis Symbol: To avail the free spins, you must keep an eye out for Egyptian God, Anubis symbol. It lands on the third reel and blesses you with 6 free spins with the green wild scarab. These free spins can be availed in the Anubis chamber.

Weret Emblem: For another 6 free spins, you got to get lucky and find Weret emblem in the middle reel. You will be further directed to the West chamber to avail free spins with 2x multipliers wild (that are green and pink scarab) It gets more exciting!

Horus Icon: Yep! A bonus of Six more free spins! Find the Horus icon on the third reel and avail the bonus. The Horus icon is generous and gives you a blue (5x multiplier) wild plus pharaoh scatter symbols along with the regular six free spins with pink and green (2x multiplier) wild.


Treasure of Horus slot game gets richer and better playing with carefully chosen themes. The Egyptian theme presented here along with the typical desert music is sure to keep you entertained for a while. And the Horus bonus is not something you will find in every other game. So hurry on to grab the Treasure of Horus right away.


Game Name: Treasure of Horus

Posted On: 03/01/2019

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Treasure of Horus
Treasure of Horus
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