A Complete Guide on Multi-hand Premier Blackjack

Blackjack is a classic casino table game that can be won with a combination of luck as well as strategies. It is not a surprise if you find its die-hard fans all too often. So to help such players make most out of their time at this game, the Multi-hand Premier Blackjack was invented. This is a variant where you can simultaneously play five hands at a time. This means you can stand a chance to win all five games with appropriate strategies applied.

A Complete Guide on Multi-hand Premier Blackjack

Hit a High-Five Multi-hand Premier Blackjack Game

Love the Multi-hand Premier Blackjack Design Feel

Visually, this variant you can play at SpinzWin has amazing graphics and a professional table setup. There are five circles that represent five individual Blackjack hands. In this premier Multi-hand Blackjack, you can either play one hand or all five hands. The number of hands you play can be changed after each game too. There are two decks of standard 52 cards in each. This is a European format game where the dealer deals just one single card to himself first and with face-up. The betting limits are set between £1 and £200 per hand. This means you can bet £1000 from all five hands at a time in this premier Multi-hand Blackjack.

Play by the Multi-hand Premier Blackjack Rules

  • You need to score 21 points or closer to this value than the dealer in order to win.
  • The dealer must stand 17 and cannot draw after 16.
  • You can double your bets if the value of first two cards makes 9, 10 or 11. You will then be able to draw one final card that can decide the fate of that hand.
  • If you exceed 21 points, you will get a BUST and you will lose the hand.
  • If the dealer gets BUST, you will win all hands that you are playing.
  • Spit is offered when both your initial cards have identical values. The split hands will receive a second card each to continue the game.
  • If the dealer gets Ace as the face-up card, you are allowed to take insurance. Insurance charges you a fee of 50% on your bet and you will lose it if the dealer does not get Blackjack.
  • You cannot surrender in Multi-hand Premier Blackjack game.

Encash the Multi-hand Premier Blackjack Payouts

  • If you win the straight bet without a Blackjack hand, you get a payout of one to one on your bet.
  • If you win with the insurance then the payout is two to one
  • The payout for winning with a Blackjack hand is three to two. 

Deal with it like a Pro

Since this variant allows you playing up to five hands at a time, you can win larger rewards. You can even identify the stronger and the weaker hands after some time. This will help you strategize your betting accordingly. If the dealer gets a Blackjack, you win all five hands regardless of what cards you own. It is like playing five hands in the time that is taken to play a single hand Blackjack. So you can play more hands within your planned time. This helps you maximise your profits in short period of time.

Visit and experience the power of five hands at once and enjoy the multiple benefits of this game at SpinzWin.

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Name: A Complete Guide on Multi-hand Premier Blackjack

Posted On: 07/08/2017

Author: Tony Willets

A Complete Guide on Multi-hand Premier Blackjack
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