A Simple Guide On 1024 Ways To Win Slots

There’s a new type of slot machine in the casino gambling that appears to introduce a revolutionary concept. These are referred to 1024 ways to win slots and require that players place a flat stake so as to access all the featured winning icon combos. Apart from playing 243 ways to win slots, this is in contrast to the more common slot games that offer more paylines in return for bigger bet sizes. This easily makes 1024 ways to win slots affordable to play than the other type of slots that came before it, apart from their also possessing enhanced winning chances.

A Simple Guide On 1024 Ways To Win Slots

How Are 1024 Ways To Win Slots Played?

1024 ways to win slots are quite easy to play, seeing as they follow the rules of standard slots. The gameplay objective in such slot games is to simply match winning icons on the reels in a left to right direction. When there are around 3 and up matching icons in 1024 ways to win slot, a win is recorded, and a prize awarded.

Such slots also feature a slew of special features like bonus rounds, wild and scatter icons, free spins and the like. 1024 ways to win slots are distinguished from other slots by their total lack of paylines. Instead, players are able to create any viable left to right winning combo and pay a flat price for this privilege.

The “ways” of a slot machine offers a good insight as to how many paylines it has. Thus, 1024 ways to win slot has 5 reels, with these having 4 icon positions. Since all possible combos are fully effective, “the lines” featured in the game equals 4x4x4x4x4, or 1024.

Get Ahold Of Some Sweet 1024 Ways To Win Games Here!

While they are not currently as widespread or popular as their iconic 5×3 reel set brethren, there are still quite a few 1024 ways to win slots on the market. 3 of these are detailed below:

• Arctic Fortune Slots – This is powered by Microgaming, features a Scandinavian warrior theme and has some sweet and tender graphics that are coupled to soul-moving audio and animation effects. There are 5 reels available, as well as 1024 ways to win, with the bonus feature consisting of a very engaging free spins round.
• Secret Santa Slots – This is powered by Microgaming and has a Christmas theme. There are 5 reels and 1024-win lines with the setting being a cute village blanketed in snow. Every icon in view here, bar the playing card values are Christmas-themed and there’s a couple of rather chunky bonus rounds to look forward to.
• Hot Ink Slots – the Hot Ink slot is yet another Microgaming product and is based around tattooing. It has 5 reels, 4 rows and 1024 ways to win and has a fair number of tattooing-related imagery. It has a trio of bonuses, any one of which can make players’ day and is overall one sweet fella!

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Name: A Simple Guide On 1024 Ways To Win Slots

Posted On: 08/02/2019

Author: Tony Willets

A Simple Guide On 1024 Ways To Win Slots
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