How Important Are Expanding Symbols in Online Slots?

Online slots are by rights one of the most ludicrously exciting things ever invented. They are glitzy, a real treat for sore eyes, come in an incredibly diverse array of themes and formats and can potentially bless players with massive payouts. Game developers and casino operators love them because they promise quick and easy profits. The players think this way because they are incredibly easy to access and totally simple to play. The world of slots has seen the massive transformation from slot machines of earlier times to modern day slots with cascading reels, stacked symbols and features like Expanding symbol.

How Important Are Expanding Symbols in Online Slots?

Now, some new slots might come loaded with one feature or the other designed to mark it out from its peers, but in general, all online slots usually possess some standard icons and features. A good example of such icons are wild and scatter icons. Usually, the wild is tasked with replacing every other icon save for the scatter, possibly triggering some bonuses and even multiplying the win values. The scatter for its part has the main function of triggering the main bonuses in any slots online

Expansive Joy With Expanding Symbol

Now, in most slots on the market, players wager their preferred amount, click on the “Spin” button and pray that it ends in a winning combo. Wins in such slots occur when a few identical icons choose to make an appearance on the paylines.

Slots equipped with Expanding Symbol come with a nice extra touch. This translates to icons from winning combos expanding across one or multiple reels, with this potentially increasing winning chances.

Some slots with Expanding symbol activate the feature only during the bonus round. Others though make it active during base gameplay. In some slots, the role of the Expanding symbol is assigned to wilds, while in other slots, any of the icons present can take up an expanding role.

Wilds, of course, has been already stated above are special icons that take the place of all other icons when fleshing out wins. In a few slots, the Expanding symbol whatever they might be, are featured with a multiplier that boosts the default amount that was won. Some slots also ensure that once the Expanding symbols are triggered, players are led into one bonus round or the other.

Wild And Wilding

Slots come in many varieties; with the wild icons, they are loaded with features that vary often. Thus, there are wilds referred to as Expanding Wilds. Such wilds stay true to their name by expanding to cover entire reels and potentially boosting the odds of winning.

This expanding function is quite popular, with players clamouring for it and slot developers proudly listing it as being among the features possessed by their online slots.

Wide Expanses Of Fun With Expanding Icons

Due to the varied features that they offer, expanding symbol is normally regarded by most players as one of the best symbols. As a result of this and many other reasons, game developers make sure to include it in their slots or risk seeing such slots being shunned by players.

As things stand, the popularity of expanding icons shows no signs of waning and cheers to that!

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Name: How Important Are Expanding Symbols in Online Slots?

Posted On: 27/05/2019

Author: Tony Willets

How Important Are Expanding Symbols in Online Slots?
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