How Slots Have Evolved Over The Years?

Slots machines date back to the 1890s and till date, they are a “hot thing”. The classic casino slots that thrilled people have come a long way and developed into very advanced modern slots and yes, they still thrill people. Over time, it is fair to say that the slots are only getting better and better.

How Slots Have Evolved Over The Years?

The Classic Casino Slots: One-Armed Bandits

The first slot machine was developed in 1891, the cool New York invention was based on Poker. It had 5 drums holding 50 cards, a person would insert a nickel and pull a lever and would stand the chance to win prizes like a cigar or a free beer from the bar. A person would pull the lever with his one arm and if not lucky, would end up losing his nickel, and hence, this casino slot machine was popularly called One-Armed Bandit. It went very popular back then and many bars in the city had one or more.

Next came a machine with three spinning wheels with five symbols in San Francisco. Invented by a car mechanic Charles Fey in 1895, this automated machine was named Liberty Bell. The symbols include heart, spade, club, diamond, and bell. Three bells on the reel would assure the biggest prize. Many bars, saloons had this machine.
The very famous casino slot machine named Money-Honey was launched, this was the first fully electronic machine. The year 1976 introduced a proper video slots machine that was used for the first time in Las Vegas. 1996 introduced the world to the first slot machine that had bonus round feature.

The Modern Slots

Who would have thought that slot games will come so far and will be so popular? Today, we find modern video slots everywhere and anywhere as they are available to be played online. Modern casino slot games contain more than 50 symbols, providing more number of combination, more prizes and a higher probability of winning and present more payouts because of bonus rounds.

The biggest difference between old and modern slots is the graphics. The modern casino slots have the best of the graphics featuring colourful backgrounds and special symbols for different games and different game-rounds. The modern slot machines also feature catchy soundtracks and are more popular than they’ve ever been. Today, there is a very wide range of casino slot games to choose from and the prizes are much bigger and exciting than ever.

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Name: How Slots Have Evolved Over The Years?

Posted On: 21/12/2018

Author: Tony Willets

How Slots Have Evolved Over The Years?
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