Getting Started with 80 Ball Bingo Game: Here is How

Getting Started with 80 Ball Bingo Game: Here is How

You might have played the 90-ball and 75-ball Bingo games before, but the 80-ball Bingo is a big deal. If you like to play Bingo in general, then the various colorful balls in the latter will amaze you for sure. The first time you play an 80 ball Bingo game, you’ll notice that it’s way too different from other Bingos that you have played so far. Originated in the UK, this Bingo variation has become one of the most popular and successful Bingo games all around. We will help you get started with this game, so make sure to read the entire post to find out more.

Outside the online casino, the 80-ball game is known as shutter board Bingo. While playing in a club, you’ll have to shut a window over the number but the online sites these days don’t feature that system. In short words, the shutter board Bingo is similar to the 75-ball game where they will provide you with a certain pattern that you will have to complete at the opening of each game.

How Do the 80 Ball Bingo Games Work?

Different games hold different patterns, and they vary from one site to another. While some mobile casino Bingo sites offer you to complete the pattern with horizontal or vertical lines, others may want you to mark all the four corners of your Bingo card. Most of the pro-casino players start off by playing online Bingo games. Why is it so popular? 

Though the 80 ball game is popular, it is not as popular as the classic 90-ball or 75-ball games. The reason for this is, you can see these traditional Bingos in halls and online sites, but the players have found out about the latter more recently. Since then, this variation of Bingo has become famous. There are a few reasons behind its popularity:


Players used to visit the old Bingo halls every weekend to play shutter board, but since they don’t go anymore, they remember the boards and screens. Online casino sites took that advantage and built the 80 ball Bingo games for these customers.

Different patterns and formations:

Every time you go to play an 80 ball game, you will notice that the pattern and variations are different from each time, and they vary from site to site. 


Colors seen in an 80 ball Bingo game are different than of the standard 90 ball games. This is what makes this play fun and entertaining. 

Getting Started with 80 Ball Bingo Game: Here is How

What is the Procedure of the 80 Ball Games?

The 80 ball game is no different than other Bingos you have played. You simply need to cover the numbers as and when they come up on your screen. The only difference in this game is that the style and patterns are not predictable. However, it does not matter what style it is or what pattern it has. Your only job is to fill out that particular pattern while you are starting this game. And while you are doing so, keep these few things in mind-

  1. You can expect various patterns in multiple games
  2. You can either fill the numbers out with horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines
  3. Some online sites would want you to fill in the numbers by 4 corners, with a cross line, or 4 middle squares, and not necessarily with a straight line. 
  4. You will have to buy a ticket to play each game, and those tickets will contain an ID number at the bottom.
  5. These numbers will help the electronic system to recognize you when you win
  6. After buying a ticket and joining the game, the caller will shout out the color of the ticket before announcing the numbers.

The best thing about this Bingo variation is that you get up to 4 chances to win in a game. Yes, isn’t it surprising? However, not every site offers this deal so you’ll have to be picky when you are choosing where to play online Bingo. 

The question is, how do different sites offer multiple chances of winning? Suppose you are playing for one or two patterns, then they sometimes offer a full house win at the end of the game. The best way to know about this system is to check out the rules of the site before you want to play.

What is the Procedure for 80 Ball Bingo Tickets?

The site will share 80 numbers across a 4×4 grid card. They usually place the 1-20 number in the 1st column, 21-40 in the second, 41-60 in 3rd, and 61-80 in the 4th. 

Depending on the site’s rules and Bingo patterns, the prize pot can change from time to time. There are a few things that can make a winning prize big or small, including players, price, and tickets. Basically, the more players participate in a single Bingo game, the bigger the prize fund tends to be. However, this is not always the case but can give you a jackpot if you follow this rule. Another thing is the price of the ticket; the higher the ticket costs, the higher the payout will be. 

Added small thing that needs not to be said is that the more you buy tickets, the more your chances of winning increase. This is not important, but it can improve your chances of winning these types of games. 


Bingo is a really enjoyable game; unknowingly, we all have played it during our childhood, but we didn’t know back then that we can win some real money out of it. So, as you can already sense that playing Bingo is not a big deal, anyone can play it, and anyone can win. Though it obviously needs some luck to win an 80-ball Bingo game, the fun compensates it all. Before you decide to participate in any ball game, don’t forget to check out the rules and payout systems. 

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Name: Getting Started with 80 Ball Bingo Game: Here is How

Posted On: 23/10/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Getting Started with 80 Ball Bingo Game: Here is How
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