How Wild Symbols Boost Your Gameplay?

When it comes to slots gameplay, wild symbols play a major role in maximizing your returns. They can act as the replacement of all the other symbols in the reels except the scatter symbol. This way you have a much better chance to achieve the winning line and bag great rewards. In case you are playing video slots, the wild symbols can be static as well as dynamic. With the features like stacked wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, and walking wilds, online slots have reached a whole different level of fun. Prominently, wild symbols are used to activate different bonus features.

How Wild Symbols Boost Your Gameplay?

Wild Help You Win Multipliers In Slots Gameplay

One of the most significant aspects of the wild symbols in slots gameplay is that it helps you win multipliers. If you are able to land the wild multiplier symbols, you will bag a winning combination. This will award you a multiplier of a certain value on your existing stake. Moreover, the expanding wild symbols will help you get more wild symbols across the reels. The more you bag these wild symbols, the more multipliers will you get on the rewards. This can boost your rewards to a huge extent in the slots gameplay. This is one of the main reasons why wilds are considered to be the highest paying symbols.

In addition to the multiplier wilds, there are some more wild symbols that you will come across. They are expanding wilds, sticky wilds, stacked wilds, shifting wilds, transferring wilds and so on. Each of these serves a different purpose and helps you with the scope to bag better returns. For example, expanding wilds open up to create more wild symbols and each of these can give you multipliers. On the other hand, stacked wilds can trigger random bonuses if you land them in specific places on the reels. They are extremely helpful in getting you more rewards and boosting your morale.

Wilds also Trigger Bonus Features

Stacked Wild symbols are stacked on top of one another other and can change places so that you create a winning combination. Players need to have a proper idea about the different wild symbols and their characteristics so that they can land the right ones in the right places. This way, you will get accustomed to the whole concept of wild symbols and their role in boosting your slots gameplay experience.

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Name: How Wild Symbols Boost Your Gameplay?

Posted On: 28/12/2018

Author: Tony Willets

How Wild Symbols Boost Your Gameplay?
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