How to increase your odds at winning off scratch cards?

You can win some quick cash by purchasing scratch cards, just as you do with lotteries. And while they are solely dependent on luck, at least you don’t end up spending a lot. But did you know there are many ways in which you can increase your chances of winning on scratch cards? Times may be changing, but that hasn’t stopped people from betting their odds on scratch cards. So, here is a walkthrough guide that may not tell you how to win, but will certainly show you how to improve your chances of winning scratch card odds.

How to increase your odds at winning off scratch cards?

Avoid that Urge to Buy

There are just too many scratch cards these days. So, it’s easy for those first-time buyers to fall prey to traps that are often laid by the manufacturers. Not only are there a mind-boggling number of scratch cards, but they also come in several different price tags, offer a whole lot of prizes, and have intriguing designs. Not to mention that there are a host of brands as well. All this makes it harder to focus on any one brand or design, and thus, can deter your chances of winning.

Also, some people buy scratch cards just because they are cheap. But they don’t realise that many of these scratch cards are cheap for a reason. And it’s because of the lower prize pool. So, the trick here is to buy those more expensive scratch cards, but in lesser numbers. When it comes to scratch cards, quality, and not quantity, is what matters if you want to increase your scratch card odds.

Always Remember to Check the Small Print

Most people think that checking the small print sounds like something they would do when they buy a TV or a loan. But yes. It would help if you did this for scratch cards too. Sometimes, the small print tells you what your scratch card odds are. So, it’s sensible to check the small prints.

Buy in Huge Numbers

Most of the experienced players are fond of this strategy. So, they try to buy a large number of scratch cards for a game in one go. It goes a long way in saving up as it can avoid multiple trips to the shop. One other advantage of buying in bulk is that they come at a much lower price tag than those single cards. It also increases your chances of winning. After all, more cards mean more odds, right? Besides, if you buy a row of scratch cards, it may enhance your odds of winning even further. The makers of these cards often diligently place a winning ticket amongst the lot. So, by buying in bulk or in a row, your chances of winning may go up.

Bank on those Long Droughts

Many slot games often have dry spells. The same holds good for scratch cards too. So, here’s what the greatest of slot players do. They loiter around the machines, waiting for those times of drought. It happens when players run out of luck and fail to hit the jackpot. What this means is that the jackpot is getting closer. So, experienced players would be waiting for chances like these.

Similarly, if you stick around in a scratch card outlet for a while and wait for dry spells, then you can be sure that you have chances of winning. Now, this might sound creepy at first. Not everyone may be willing to go to those lengths. But you can always start by talking with the shopkeeper or the vendor and slowly move to ask them if there are any winning scratch cards in the tickets that you purchased recently. This way, your chances of winning are bound to go up.

Don’t Throw away those Old Tickets

Keeping those old tickets can do good for you. And no. It’s not for that feeling of nostalgia. People keep repeating the same mistakes like forgetting to lock the front door or the keys or even their mobile phones when they go outside. These basic human errors also tend to occur with scratch cards too. Sometimes, people glance through several scratch cards and mark them as losers, when, in reality, there could be some winning cards amongst them. So, don’t throw away a winning ticket.

Analyse the Scratch Cards

Several experienced scratch card players use a process called the ‘Singleton Method’ to analyse their cards and see if they notice any clues or patterns. These clues or designs are often numbers, symbols, or other combinations that can increase their chances of winning.

Although the manufacturers have caught on with the trend, and are making drastic changes to their designs, players have still not quit using the strategy, since some manufacturers haven’t changed their designs yet.

Try to Stick to One Game

You either win or lose if you stick to a single game. But if you spread your scratch card odds on several different games, you could end up losing indefinitely. So, pick one game and try to stick to it. It could work as a much better strategy in the long run.

Betting on your scratch card odds and winning them depends purely on luck. Indeed, all the methods mentioned above won’t help you win. Ultimately, it all comes down to banking on those chances. But there’s no harm in trying, right? Who knows? Maybe just one of these strategies may help you win. So, make sure you use these strategies and see if you can scratch off a win.

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Name: How to increase your odds at winning off scratch cards?

Posted On: 04/03/2020

Author: Tony Willets

How to increase your odds at winning off scratch cards?
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