Is Card Counting in Blackjack Really Simple As It Seems?

Blackjack and card-counting go hand in hand. The importance of this skill can be figured by the fact that the most successful Blackjack players were all counters. On paper, in theories, card-counting sounds quite simple. But is it really that easy to grasp this skill? Well, no, a player needs a deep understanding of various aspects of the game such as Blackjack numbers, different betting styles in order to be successful counter. Moreover, surely it takes some time to master the art of counting.

Is Card Counting in Blackjack Really Simple As It Seems?

What is Card-Counting and Blackjack Numbers?

In technical terms, Card counting is a strategy which helps to determine whether the next hand will provide a better winning chance to the player or the dealer. Therefore, this is a strategic approach to placing a wager in the game of Blackjack that could effectively improve your bankroll if done right.

Blackjack numbers are not specific terms rather there happen to exist different sets of number in a game of Blackjack. This includes the number of decks, the number of players and most importantly, the card numbers. Thus, blackjack numbers at times might represent different counts to different players.

As mentioned above, card-counting is not as easy as it seems on paper. Otherwise, every other Blackjack player would be walking around with tons of casino money. There are many approached to implement the counting strategy in order to make it easier and more effective. One of the most common methods is to use blackjack numbers in card-counting.

The Significance of Blackjack Numbers in Card-Counting

This is an interesting approach to the game using the classic card-counting strategy. This method involves four simple steps that yield a result which provides an estimate of who among the player and the dealer is more likely to win the next round. These steps are as followed.

  1. Assigning the number to every card: This strategy requires the player to isolate the 13 cards into three sets. The principal set incorporates cards 2 to 6, they are allocated a numeric value of +1. Next set of cards incorporates cards 7-9, they are all marked with 0 numeric value. The third and the last set has all the cards from 10 to Ace and they are allocated a numeric value of – 1.
  1. Calculating a Running Count: This step requires the counter to keep a count of all the cards dealt on the table. Later, he/she has to calculate the total sum of all the cards. Increasing running count means a better chance of a win for the player.
  1. Calculating a True Count: A true count can be calculated by dividing the running count by the remaining number of decks of cards. Casinos use multiple decks to complicate the card counting strategy. This is where true count comes to the rescue of counters. An increasing true count is an indicator of better winning chances for the player over the casino.
  1. Changing the bet: The final most step of this strategy depends on running count and true count. A player should know when to raise the bet and when to lower it based on the count. As an increasing running or true count signifies better winning chances for players, the player should raise the bet and vice-versa.

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Name: Is Card Counting in Blackjack Really Simple As It Seems?

Posted On: 17/06/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Is Card Counting in Blackjack Really Simple As It Seems?
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