Mistakes You Should Watch Out For If You Enjoy Playing Jacks or Better

Mistakes You Should Watch Out For If You Enjoy Playing Jacks or Better

Video Poker, like online roulette, has been around for decades. The absence of fantastic graphics and flashing lights has always put it in second place, after slot machines. Most veterans in PV (video Poker) are quite happy with this situation since potentially profitable machines are free from the crowds and the curious.

Jacks or Better is a type of video Poker also known as “closed Poker”. This game, unlike online Blackjack, does not make a payment unless the player has a pair of jacks or better. The use of a simple strategy in this game is expected to return 99.46%, while with a more advanced suitable strategy, it will reach 99.54%.

However, players always make some mistakes that make them end up losing their stakes. Below are common mistakes Jacks, or better players make every time. Learn to avoid them and improve your winning percentage.

1- Royal flush

The royal flush (straight flush) is made up of five cards whose hierarchies follow one another and whose colours are identical. It is both a straight flush and a royal flush, the most powerful, unsurpassed combination. If two straight flushes are in competition, the strongest is the one with the highest rank.

Getting as many Royal flush as possible when playing Jack Poker is absolutely recommended. But trying to risk other paying hands because of it isn’t advised. A lot of players base their decisions on what will end up giving them a royal flush. This is a mistake you shouldn’t make.

Some players even throw out a good hand because of a royal flush. This step is uncalled for, and you tend to lose your stakes as time goes on. 

2- Not Risking Enough Coins

Don’t bet on Jacks or video Poker if you don’t have up to 5 coins.

The normal win is 1250 coins, but you get 4000 as a complimentary bonus when you wager up to five coins and hit a royal flush. If you don’t have up to 5 coins, you can get machines that allow lower rates. However, instead of wagering coins less than five but greater than one, you can just bet one coin since the advantage is the same. You shouldn’t waste the other few coins.

3- Staying away from Progressive Jackpots

Most players tend to stay away from progressives while others embrace it. The best strategy is in the balance between these two.

Frequently, progressive machines’ payout rate tend to be lower compared to some video Pokers. In cases where you get to see two machines and one has progressive jackpots, hesitating to try it might end up being something you’ll regret. 

4- Never fold Paying Hands

A paying hand is any hand consisting of a pair of Jacks or better, flushes, full houses, three of a kind, etc. When you get these hands, never fold them. You can only do this when you own four cards to a royal flush or a straight flush. When in this situation, a straight flush is the only hand you can keep.

If you have a nine, ten, Jack and a queen, never draw them out for a royal flush. You can only fold a card not included in royal flush and then play to win a royal flush.

Also, note that you can’t own four to a straight flush if you have a full house.

Mistakes You Should Watch Out For If You Enjoy Playing Jacks or Better

5 – Use nine coins or six coins machines

Many paying tables are available for Jacks or Better. However, not betting on machines that offer six coins for a flush, or for a full house, nine coins, is one of the mistakes players make. Jack Poker is available with different pay tables, but you should only play on machines that pay nine coins for a full house and six coins for a flush. 9/6 machines usually offer lower house edges compared to nine by five or eight by six machines.

6 – No complimentary items

The payback rate in Jacks or better video Poker is on the high side and with a considerable low house edge. One of the strategies you can use is to look for a good Jacks or better bonus. This lets you have more money to play, and as a result, your probability of getting a royal flush increases.

7 – Not joining a player’s club

Player’s club is available for almost all land-based casinos, and they offer some complimentary items or incentives for playing. This also exists for a few mobile casinos. Not joining a club means you’re missing out. So sign up for a Jacks or Better video Poker club today!. It could also end up being a big hit in future online casinos.

8 – Playing too fast

That you can play Jacks or Better video Poker with the best tactics and a nine by six table doesn’t mean you won’t lose your money in the long run. The live casino still owns their edge no matter what strategy you have. What I am saying in simple terms is that “you can’t always win”. It’s now totally up to you to decide which percentage you want to be higher; the loss or the win.

To ensure your winning percentage is on the high side, you have to take your time while playing. Many players tend to rush their way through and end up losing their stakes. Since no one will try to speed you up over your money, ensure you go as slow as possible.


Take your time while playing, use nine by six tables, get your incentives, and use your best strategy. With this, your winning percentage will duly increase, and your bankroll for Poker won’t go empty overnight. Good luck!

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Name: Mistakes You Should Watch Out For If You Enjoy Playing Jacks or Better

Posted On: 09/12/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Mistakes You Should Watch Out For If You Enjoy Playing Jacks or Better
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