Is Luck Really A Deciding Factor In Gambling?

Ask any professional gambler, and you will get to hear the phrase ‘Gambling is the game of chance”. Casinos have been attracting a lot of players and gamblers from across the globe for centuries. If you conduct research, chances are you will come across hundreds of thousands of inspirational quotes written on casinos. Most of these quotes are based on the “luck factor” in a Gala casino. Everyone knows that luck plays a huge role in deciding whether a person wins or loses. But is that it? Is luck the only factor that determines if you are going to win the round or not?

Is Luck Really A Deciding Factor In Gambling?

Depends on your thinking, the answer may vary. While some people strongly believe that luck is everything that can win them the handsome jackpots, others feel they can win Gala casino games using their skills and knowledge. Let’s have a look at some famous quotes that justify “Gambling is always a game of chance, in which, luck is the deciding factor”.

What do Gamblers and Famous Personalities Say about “Luck Factor in Gala Casino?”

Whether you win or lose the game is decided by your luck. If it’s your day, you are going to take with you a considerable amount of money. If it’s not, you might end up going empty-handed. However, casino players should always try their luck. This is because without trying, you can never know if that major jackpot (that you have been eyeing since day 1) is in your cards or not.

Does the Player’s Decision Matter?

Have you ever heard the saying You can lead a gambler to a gala casino, but you can’t make him think”? Well, this line is quoted by the popular casino player “Terrence VP Pappy Murphy”. He believes that anyone (regardless of how inexperienced they are) can get access to an online or brick and mortar Gala casino. In fact, they can be smart enough to learn the entire casino gaming rules in a few weeks. But, mastering these games can take their entire life. It takes years to learn and become a professional gambler.

This gentleman believes, winning and losing is completely the outcome of the player’s choice and smartness. It is not affected by their luck. In fact, the decisions they take in the beginning determines their outcome. So, when one loses the game, he should blame himself not the luck.

Another renowned poker player ‘Phil Hellmuth’ says:

If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time”

The quote clearly tells how Phil believes that luck plays a major role in gambling. In fact, he believes the one could win all Gala casino games if luck wasn’t a factor that determined the outcome of gambling.

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Name: Is Luck Really A Deciding Factor In Gambling?

Posted On: 26/08/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Is Luck Really A Deciding Factor In Gambling?
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