How to Play Mobile Casino Blackjack with a Single Deck?

Mobile casino Blackjack is one of the best ways to play a game of Blackjack and make some smart money while doing it. There are many types of mobile casino Blackjack games available for the players to choose from. One of them is the single deck mobile Blackjack. The single deck mobile Blackjack is the simplest kind of Blackjack played with just one deck of 52 cards. The house edge of a mobile Blackjack game changes with the change in the number of decks.

In the earlier times, single deck Blackjack games were more common than the multiple deck games. However, the players started developing the counting technique to win the game and the casinos stopped these games and started offering the multi-deck Blackjack games. There are a few online and offline casinos that have started offering the single deck games to the players from the last few years. The catch here is that the casinos have come up with new rules on the mobile casino Blackjack to still keep the house edge.

How to Play Mobile Casino Blackjack with a Single Deck?

Basics of Single Deck Mobile Casino Blackjack

Playing single deck mobile casino Blackjack is just like playing Blackjack with multiple decks. The only thing that changes here is that the decks of cards. Since there is only one deck of the card is used to play, the dealer shuffles the cards before dealing after every game. The other rules of playing are:

  • The players need to place their bets before the dealer starts dealing the cards. Every Blackjack table has its own betting range; hence some tables have higher betting ranges and some have lower.
  • After everyone has placed the bets, the dealer deals the players with two faces up cards and himself with one face up and one face-down card.

The player is given various options stated below:

1. Insurance- If the dealer has a face card or an ace as the face up card, the players can take insurance to make sure they do not lose 3:2 and only lose 2:1
2. Split- If the player has received both face cards of the value 10, they can split the cards into two. So, now they have two chances of Blackjack and can play two hands simultaneously. The bet gets divided equally amongst the two hands.
3. Double- The players can double the bet size if they think that there is a chance for them to win. In some cases, the doubling can also be done after splitting the cards.
4. Hit- Hit is the option taken when the player wants the dealer to deal more cards.
5. Stand- Stand is the option when the player or the dealer does not want to take any more cards.

After the player has chosen one of the above options, the game of mobile casino Blackjack proceeds and the one with the higher sum of cards win. Any sum above 21 is considered disqualified and a 21 is a Blackjack.

Playing single hand Blackjack is the most lucrative because it gives the lowest house edge to the casinos. However, it should be seen that some of the casinos have come up with a variety of rules to counter this issue. So, read the terms and conditions carefully before playing this game on any online casino.

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Name: How to Play Mobile Casino Blackjack with a Single Deck?

Posted On: 13/10/2017

Author: Tony Willets

How to Play Mobile Casino Blackjack with a Single Deck?
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