Netflix Roulette: Its Nature and Specialities

Do you know how much content there’s on Netflix? More than 32,600 hours’ worth of films and series. So even if you started binge-watching the entirety of Netflix right now, and skip everything from work to taking a dump, you’ll need four years to get to your milestone (or gravestone). Then why is it that every evening when you get back from work and sit down to browse the vast Netflix gallery, you can’t find anything to watch. Say hello to Netflix Roulette!

Nature and specialities of Netflix Roulette

Our Lord Saviour Netflix Roulette

You know Roulette; it’s a game where a croupier spins a tiny ball on a numbered wheel, and wherever the ball lands give the winning number. Netflix Roulette is a tool offered by Reelgood to help users find their Netflix content to watch. While you can simply take your chance with the entire Netflix gallery, if your time is of any worth to you, you can use several filters to narrow down Netflix Roulette’s output to give you a more customised suggestion.

You can select a genre you like or are in the mood for. The tool offers a list of 28 genres for you to choose from. Next, you can select the format you’re interested in: movies or TV shows. Finally, you can also factor in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores to weed out the content you’re not interested in. Click “Spin” and the free online tool will spit out a response that’ll match all your criteria. If you’re still not satisfied with it, you can always spin again.

Reelgood, the website which hosts Netflix Roulette also has a separate, more generic content finding tool. ReelgoHow did it all come about?od Roulette brings in the entire online content viewing platform with it. You can select from a list of almost a hundred content streaming websites to find your next indulgence.

Once something catches your eye, you can simply click “Watch” and the tool will send you on your way to the web player of your chosen platform. If you intend to watch on your mobile device, then, of course, you need to search on your mobile device.

How did it all come about?

Netflix Roulette was created way back in 2014 when an 18-year old Andrew Sampson was frustrated by scrolling through the huge library (the collection’s much bigger now) of Netflix. That’s when he decided to build a basic web app that let users leave the unbearable decision-making process behind and find something to watch by choosing a genre and format.

In 2017, Reelgood got in touch with Sampson for the tool’s API since they too wanted to incorporate it into their website. However, Sampson indicated that he wasn’t interested in maintaining the service anymore — a win-win for both parties.

Though it was extremely basic at the time, Netflix Roulette went on to become a phenomenon among the scores of tired Netflix users. Today, it remains a popular way of finding new content to watch as both Netflix’s content library and userbase continue to skyrocket towards the stratosphere.

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Name: Netflix Roulette: Its Nature and Specialities

Posted On: 30/09/2019

Author: Tony Willets

Netflix Roulette: Its Nature and Specialities
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