Online Gambling Continues To Grow In The UK

The UK gambling industry has lately been enjoying a boom, one that incidentally shows no sign of slowing down and appears to last for years. As proof, the Gambling Commission lately reported that total gross casino gambling yield (GGY) from October 2016-September 2017 was at ₤13.9 billion. Of this incredible revenue, around 35% came from betting sites.

Online Gambling Continues To Grow In The UK

Reasons for the Boom In Casino Gambling Are Detailed Below

• Better Marketing Techniques and Strategies – Casino gambling operators have been quick to take advantage of the advancement of technology to change the way their services are marketed to potential clients. Thus, while such traditional advertising platforms like radio and TV are still employed, they have been effectively replaced by other media. These days, a large portion of the advertising is done on social media, as that is where lots of people spend most of their time.

• Revised Payment Habits – While cash is still used to pay for goods and services, the rise of cryptocurrencies and e-Wallets have been phenomenal. Apart from also sparking a massive growth in casino gambling activities.

Formerly, debit and credit cards were used to pay for goods and services online, but other payment methods such as Skrill, Paypal, Bitcoin and Neteller have seen their use grow with a will. E-Wallets are also very popular in the gambling world, as they permit the making of payments, without the user being obliged to share personal banking details.

• The Growth Of Mobile – accessing the internet was previously only possible on clunky desktops. This no longer applies. There are now more phones than people on the globe, the vast majority of which are capable of accessing all the goodies that the internet has to offer. To take advantage of this, gaming companies and online casinos increasingly offer content that’s optimized for use on the small screen of mobile devices. As people are now able to indulge in casino gambling on the move and anytime they like, the numbers have spiked.

• Virtual Games And eSports – virtual sports are just that- virtual and come in various formats. These sports-themed games are available 24/7, with the ease of play assisting in the growth of casino gambling.

eSports, on the other hand, are a relatively recent phenomenon. As of 2017, eSports has a value of more than ₤1 billion, with this being set to rise like a climbing jet fighter in a few years or so. Immensely popular, they serve to draw more and more people into laying wagers on games.

• Rise Of Women Gamblers – while men gamble more, this looks set to change in the near future. As a result of discrimination and intimidation issues, most women gamble in private. The rise of the internet has seen a rise in female gamblers, and further technological advancements like VR will no doubt be significant for them.

• VR – Virtual Reality makes fantasy and actual happening difficult to distinguish! Using VR glasses, bettors can pay a visit to any casino of their choice and their play any game that catches their fancy. As VR matures and becomes more mainstream than it currently is, it will no doubt convince more and more people that the best times are those spent living the VR dream!

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Name: Online Gambling Continues To Grow In The UK

Posted On: 23/11/2018

Author: Tony Willets

Online Gambling Continues To Grow In The UK
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