An Overview Of Random Progressive Jackpots

Most of the progressive jackpots on the market are triggered when online slot players land a specific array of icons on an activated payline. These icons can, for example, be 5 pots of gold on a 5-reel Irish-themed slot or the like. Random progressive jackpot slots, however, do not work in the same way.

Read on and learn all about them.

An Overview Of Random Progressive Jackpots

What Is A Random Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Online slots are filled with an increasing array of features. These essentially serve to tempt players into having a go at them. Two such engrossing features are the progressive jackpot and the random progressive jackpot. The latter will be discussed in some detail.

The random progressive jackpot is just that, random. That is to say, triggering it happens totally at random. Players need not to land specific arrays of icons to trigger such a jackpot. Its random nature essentially makes it more equitable.

The Random Number Generator in a slot equipped with a random progressive jackpot determines just when players trigger the featured jackpot. Thus, players can be having fun on an online slot and be losing seriously. But if the RNG thinks that the time is right, it will award a random progressive jackpot that could get players made for life!

Advantages Of Random Progressive Jackpot Slots

There are lots of tangible benefits to random progressive jackpot slots. One of the biggest is the fact that no specific qualifications need be met in order to qualify for one. Instead, all that players need be concerned about is to keep wagering at least the minimum required bet amount. And of course, keep the reels merrily spinning in expectation of a win.

This is in stark difference to progressive jackpots. These usually have specific qualification requirements that must be met for eligibility. This might, for example, involve making a hefty side bet.

Random Progressive Jackpots and How They Grow

The random progressive jackpot is just like other jackpot prizes that show small increments every time players make wagers on them. The jackpot operators first seed them, and they can then grow exponentially when lots of players start wagering on them.

And that concludes the brief on the random progressive jackpot slots, folks!

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Name: An Overview Of Random Progressive Jackpots

Posted On: 28/01/2019

Author: Tony Willets

An Overview Of Random Progressive Jackpots
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