How to Play Baccarat: Rules, Tips, and Techniques Involved

How to Play Baccarat: Rules, Tips, and Techniques Involved

Baccarat is another classy game, just like the other popular games of casinos. The game is definitely a favourite or at least one of the favourite games of all the James Bond lovers. The best thing about this game is its user-friendly gaming experience than the many other existing casino games. The strategy is more like that of coin flips with a lower, friendly house edge. Therefore, you must know to play this game properly because of all the above-said features of this amazing classic game. This article will explain and teach you how to play Baccarat. So give a proper read to be a pro Baccarat player!

Let’s Know about the Rules of the Game

First things first, you must know about the Baccarat rules to understand the basics of the game. The game starts when the betting on each of the hands is completed, with the cards being dealt with the two present hands and are called the player hand and the bank hand. 

The main purpose of this game is to predict the hand which is closer to the total value of 9, and the player does so by placing their bets on the player hand or the bank hand or by predicting a tie. 

You must know certain things whenever you are trying to calculate the total value. 

  • The face cards and the tens both have a value of zero.
  • Aces score a singular value of 1
  • All the other cards score according to their face values. 
  • There will be a deduction of 10 from the original total if the value of any hand is more than 9.
  • The house rules will determine whether the bank or player hands can draw a third card, which is also the maximum limit. 

You can easily qualify for a 1:1 payout if you correctly bet on the winning player’s hand. The exciting part is you can even see yourself going for 1 to 1 payout if you correctly bet on the banker’s hand under the condition of paying 5 percent commission, which thus reduces the payout to a final 19 to 20. 

Betting in Baccarat 

Wagering on the player hand and winning the same can give you a payout that is twice your stake, and the same on the banking hand ensures a payout of around 95 per cent of the stake. Like mentioned before, you must not forget to subtract the total by 10 when it exceeds 9. 

Tie remains as the third option and can provide you with a payout of around 8 to 1. Score sheets are always available, along with the Baccarat tables to help you look at the scores and your position. 

How to Play Baccarat: Rules, Tips, and Techniques Involved

Know About the Player Hand

The question and the curiosity here is, in all probability, about getting a third card. The third card isn’t a part of a strategy or something, but it comes under the rules and is allowed by the dealer if you satisfy the necessary conditions. 

  • You can draw a third card if the player hand value is anywhere 0 to 5 or 10. 
  • In the case of 6 or 7, you can’t draw a third card, and the situation is known as a stand. 
  • The same is the case with 8 and 9, but it’s just that these are called naturals. 

Know About the Banker Hand

The rules are the same as the player card. The banker must stand without drawing a card if the total comes at a value of 7 or more. The banker must be drawing a card if the total is 0 or 1, or 2. 

In the case of a total of 3,4,5, and 6, the player’s draw determines the banker’s draw. 

Some Tips for You

Even though experience plays a vital role, there are certain tips that you need to understand to get a closer look at the game. 

Ignoring the Option of Tie Bet

Experts have found the house edge in the case of a tie break to be around 14.4 per cent, thus making no sense to opt for this option. 

Banker, in most Cases, is Your Best Bet

You must look forward to this bet because the bank wins over 50 per cent of the games, which thus explains why they charge a 5 percent commission.

You must Follow The Bank

Study statistics and the data showing the winning streaks and place the bets accordingly. In most situations, banks always win, and therefore, you must follow the bank. 

In Case of a Bank Loss

You shouldn’t try to place another bet when the bank loses, but try to wait for the one following the next, and then place your bet.

You can discount all the Draws

You may call this as a part of your strategy to ignore a tie bet win and must not consider them while calculating player-wins or bank-wins. Such an outcome should not be the center of your focus. 

  1. A Proper and a Wise Stake Management

Baccarat has a comparatively lower house edge than the other games, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a proper look at your stake management. You should plan the number of bets you are going to place and the amount of money to be invested. You can go for 200 units for each session if you are thinking of 10 units stake for a wager. 

Learn and Enjoy the Game

Baccarat, no doubt, is a simpler and friendly game, especially if we compare it to the other infamous games like online roulette and online Blackjack. You just need to learn it properly and practice the game to improve your skills. Remember the tricks provided here and choose the right casino to play this classic game. Try to put small amounts of money in the beginning. You should always look for higher stakes once you are confident enough to win the game. 

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Name: How to Play Baccarat: Rules, Tips, and Techniques Involved

Posted On: 27/11/2020

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How to Play Baccarat: Rules, Tips, and Techniques Involved
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