Poker Chips: Its Values, Sizes, and Colors

Poker Chips: Its Values, Sizes, and Colors

You may have learned everything about the cards used in Poker, but many beginner gamblers make the mistake of not learning enough about the Poker chips in online casino games. Since you have already landed on our page, you are not going to make the same mistake as other players. When it’s about money, many casinos assign various colors and values to the Poker chips. Here we are going to help you figure out different values, sizes, and colors of Poker chips before you decide to join a Poker tournament. So, let’s find out everything about Poker chip values.

Poker Chip Values in Tournaments and Other Cash Games 

In live casino Poker tournaments, you will notice that the chips tend to vary in colors more than single cash games do. These chips are the part of cash or more precisely, they represent cash, and they help the gamblers and the casinos to set their wagers. Depending on the stakes and levels of the game/tournaments, the variations and colors of the chip differentiate. Here are the most common colors of chips and the values they hold in various tournaments and cash games.

  • White – $1 or blue – $1
  • Red or yellow: $5 or $20
  • Orange – $10
  • Black – $100
  • Green: $25
  • Purple – $500

These values that we have stated above are the most popular ones in the casino industry. You may think that these values look like the values of the American dollar, but most of the time, that might not be the case. These are the amounts casinos represent throughout a Poker tournament, and the players wait for the blind levels for the amount to increase.

Poker tournaments frequently manage blind levels where all the fun begins, and the casinos eliminate some players as well. Some casinos even allow those previously eliminated players to rejoin and receive another stack. What these casinos do is leave the low-value chips behind and recruit more valued chips that have large denominations. As a gambler in a Poker tournament, your goal will be to collect as many chips as you can, which will determine your position in the tournament. And it’s not a game of luck as online Blackjack, it’s about using your merit.

Poker Chips: Its Values, Sizes, and Colors

Values and Colors of Each of the Poker Chips 

As a gambler, you begin with a standard number of chips in a Poker tournament, and throughout the games, as the levels increase, you wish to build up your stack. We have already mentioned the most popular colors and values of the chips on online roulette or Poker in the section above. In this section, we will look into each of those colored chips on a deeper level.

White and Blue Chips with $1 Value

You can easily identify low-stakes or limited cash games by the white and blue chips on the Poker table. White and blue chips tend to have the lowest value in a Poker match or tournament, however, still the value of these chips depends on the mobile casino event or game. Casually, the chip value will be your total game cash, and though the colors may vary in a game from another, the values tend to be the same. Casinos that host Poker games of any sort, first determine the purpose of it and then the structure of the tournament and the chip values. In the cash games or tournaments, you should collect a few of these white and blue chips for the blind levels.

Red Chips Value $5 Explained

Every Poker game has the red chips that can be of any shade of red. Even in the Live Poker games, you will find chips with the standard value, and they are a staple in casinos. Red chips are the most important part of the No-Limit Hold’em games. They hold a value from $1 to $10. However, these values might not be the value of the real dollar, and some casinos don’t play with red chips at all. For instance, in Los Angeles, the casinos have yellow chips on the Poker table. And these yellow chips start from the value of $5 and so on.

Green Chips in Poker Table with $25 Value

These attractive green chips hold a $25 dollar value and appear in the cash games with $2/$5 or more than that. Like red chips, green chips are very popular, and they appear in almost every casino. If you have played in Bellagio or Aria, you may have seen these green chips on the Poker table. However, if you have played Poker in Los Angeles, you haven’t probably found any green chips. It’s because casinos in LA mostly use purple chips that offer the same value, $25.

Black Chips with $100 Value

Black chips in a cash game appear when the stakes and the buy-ins are increasing gradually or in a moderate motion. You can find these black in mostly live Poker rooms, and they hold the value of $100. Black chips don’t always tend to be black. Sometimes they have stripes of other colors on their body. Sometimes some casinos use white chips instead of black chips, but these white chips have $100s values. 

Purple Chips with $500 Value

Sometimes some casinos use purple chips with a $500 value, and it’s mostly used in high-stakes casino Poker games. So when you go to play a casino game, and you find purple chips on the table, just know that they have $500 chips. These casinos commonly have a 20-chip column, and together they make a $10,000 stack.

Yellow Chips with $1,000 Value

As you might have already figured out that yellow chips are especially used in high-stakes Poker games. These chips appear at a higher level than purple chips, and they hold the value of $1,000 in the game.

Final Note

Before you sit down at a Poker table and start to play a game, it’s important to know the values and colors of each chip you find. This can be a little bit tricky when you are joining a Poker tournament.

Good luck!

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Name: Poker Chips: Its Values, Sizes, and Colors

Posted On: 06/10/2020

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Poker Chips: Its Values, Sizes, and Colors
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