Basic Rules and Strategies to Play Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most fascinating, intriguing, and overall a mind-blowing casino game! While most of it is dependent on luck, there is little a player can do. And there is no harm in following some strategies for it! But before jumping on some strategies to play online Blackjack, know the basic rules of the much-loved casino game.

Rules to Play Online Blackjack

Begin with placing your bets. Now, it is important to keep your bankroll in mind while placing your bets and be a responsible gambler. The next step in online Blackjack is the distribution of cards. The dealer distributes two cards each to players and themselves. Out of the two cards of the dealer, one is faced up for everyone to see, while the other one is faced down. The players can see their own cards.

Basic Rules and Strategies to Play Online Blackjack

Now is your turn to move the game forward. Total up the cards you have in hand, and then determine whether you wish to hit, stand, double or split. The aim of the game is to achieve the total of 21 or get as close to it without, of course, exceeding it.

Strategies to Play Online Blackjack

Having strategies always helps in increasing the chances of winning. Keep in mind the following four strategies the next time you play, and you might see yourself beating the dealer!

1. Let the dealer hit

If the dealer has a 4, 5 or 6, it means he is at risk. This is a moment of caution for you, as a player. If the dealer has a soft hand, he will probably go for a hit to get closer to the total of 21. And this is definitely your opportunity to double or split because the chances of you winning can be good.

2.Stand at a hard hand

Suppose you have a total of 17 in your hand, you should definitely stand. Though you still might not win, but the chances of losing become even higher if you choose to hit.

3. What to split and what not to split?

If you have aces or eights, always split! This gives you double the opportunity to seek a win. Also, the experts always recommend to never split 10s.

4.Insurance – good or bad?

Though it seems tempting to get insurance against a Blackjack, it is not very advisable. The ideal situation to get insurance, though, is when the face-up card of the dealer is an Ace.

Enjoy your Game of Online Blackjack at SpinzWin!

Always remember these basic rules and strategies, and you are good to go! The rest will definitely come with experience! SpinzWin offers several variants of Blackjack which you can try your hand on. Play responsibly!

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Name: Basic Rules and Strategies to Play Online Blackjack

Posted On: 21/03/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Basic Rules and Strategies to Play Online Blackjack
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