Spinzwin Presents Sequels of Top Scratch Card Games

With online casinos becoming the hot spot for online players, the demand for a variety of games is on the rise. Players always want to try out something new and online casinos try to come out with exciting games that can keep their players engaged. One such development is the increasing popularity of online scratch card games. This is an exact version of the physical scratch cards that were in play from the 70’s. However, the online version is much better and easy to play offering players a higher chance of winning than the physical version. Taking this popularity into account reputed online casinos like Spinzwin has come out with Sequels of the top scratch card games. Let us take a look at some of these games

Spinzwin Presents Sequels of Top Scratch Card Games

Surprising Rewards In Store with Irish Eyes 2 Online Scratch Card Games

Irish Eyes 2 has come out as a sequel to the immensely popular scratch card game Irish Eyes. Irish Eyes 2 scratch card game is based on the Ireland Theme. You can easily spot the relation to Irish culture in all the symbols that come into play during this game. You will spot the famous Leprechaun’s hat and images of gorgeous Irish jewellery during the game. Also, symbols depicting stunning golden shamrocks are also a part of this game. What makes this even more interesting is that these games are pretty simple to play, your job is to keep revealing the symbols on the card by scratching it. You will win multipliers every time you match three symbols.

Dr Love is back with a Sequel Doctor Love On Vacation

Interesting online scratch card games have always made an impact on gamers. One such game that shot to popularity was the Dr Love On Vacation scratch card game. This popularity has pushed its makers to design a sequel to the game called Doctor love on vacation. The highlight here is that the game offers you an opportunity to win a prize money of up to £25,0000. This is a pretty exciting prize amount because the game is pretty easy to understand and play. The payout is based on the three symbols that you can match. The sequel has also become an instant hit, and many online casinos are now offering such online scratch card games to their players.

Make it Big by Scratching at Spinzwin Casino

Spinzwin houses such great quality online scratch card games. You can find themed scratch card games which can play on the go.

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Name: Spinzwin Presents Sequels of Top Scratch Card Games

Posted On: 22/12/2017

Author: Tony Willets

Spinzwin Presents Sequels of Top Scratch Card Games
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