A Simple Guide On Casino Payouts

Casino payouts are an easily misunderstood topic, with most people being unsure of what exactly it means and how it works. Really, though, they are simple in concept and execution as this article will make clear. Read on and learn all you can of casino payouts that will undoubtedly boost your enjoyment of your regular online casino games!

A Simple Guide On Casino Payouts

All About Payout Percentages in Online Casino Games

The payout percentage of most online casino games vary widely but usually ranges from 95% to 98%. However, such a rate does not refer to the percentage of wins that accrue to individual players. Thus, the fact that an online casino boasts payout percentages of say 96% does not actually mean that players can expect to win 96% of the time.

The payout percentage rather refers to the percentage of the combined bets that a casino returns to players. Thus, an online casino that recorded wagers of £500,000 for the day and with a payout percentage of 96% will return 96% of this amount to all the casino players. Some players of online casino games, will, of course, get more than their fair share of this, due to the total randomness of wins.

All About Payout Ratio At Casino Tables

The payout ratio varies at most casino gaming tables. The game of Blackjack online, for example, offers a payout of 1:1 when a player has a hand that trumps those held by the dealer and yet neither manage to hit Blackjack. Such a payout ratio means that for every single pound that is spent on a bet another single one is won.
A 3:2 payout ratio, on the other hand, means that for every £2 being bet by the player, £3 will be won.

How do Withdrawals Work?

When players put money into or otherwise fund their casino accounts, they do that in the hope that they will win lots of money in return. Should this happen the won amount is then withdrawn, and possibly lots of champagne bottles get popped to celebrate the win.

Now, casinos all over the place have different regulations regarding withdrawals. Some players of online casino games might swear that casino has the slowest or most troublesome withdrawal method. Others though might openly boast of the light-fast speed with which they can withdraw wins. With that in mind, it would be best to do some research before you register on an online casino and pick only those with sparkling reputations and speedy withdrawal options for wins.
And while doing such research be sure to keep your eyes open for the welcome bonuses normally given to players of online casino games who either make an initial deposit or top off their account balance.

Now that you have finished reading the above you must have come to a better understanding of online casino payouts. If so, be sure to keep all you have learned dear to heart, as you play like a boss at your favourite online casino game!

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Name: A Simple Guide On Casino Payouts

Posted On: 03/08/2018

Author: Tony Willets

A Simple Guide On Casino Payouts
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