A Simple Guide to Rolling Reels in Online Slots

When it comes to online slots, rolling reels feature plays a significant part. It is a unique feature that helps you to get more winning combinations and thereby, bag better rewards. In this feature, symbols disappear from a winning line, giving a chance to more symbols that fall in the respective places. These new symbols increase the chance of making any winning combination. Usually, rolling reels are accompanied with huge stake multipliers. As the symbols fall on their place, you receive multipliers on your existing stake and all these take place in a single round!

A Simple Guide to Rolling Reels in Online Slots

In Online Slots, Rolling Reels have Scores Of Benefits

There are quite a few advantages of rolling reels in online slots that make them an integral part of playing. First things first, this kind of reels provide you with the chance of extending the rounds of the slots round before it ends. While a normal round may end soon, rolling reels extend it to a good extent and give you more time to play. Typically, a normal slot lasts for just a single spin but with rolling reels, the time duration increases. Secondly, rolling reels help you get more multipliers. This, in turn, leads to higher payouts and rewards according to the increase in multipliers.

Rolling reels in online slots are ideal for newcomers who are not so adept with the different gaming strategies. By using the rolling reels, newbies can get better chance to win good money, which helps them to get motivated in the game. This is one of the main reasons why most of the esteemed gaming developers come up with this feature in their slots. In most cases, these reel features are mainly found in the treasure hunt and candy-based slots. You can check about the reel feature from the rules and regulation section of the particular slot that you wish to play.

However, it is not all Good With Rolling Reels In Online Slots

While using this feature, a basic factor that you would need to keep in mind is that these reels do not offer you free wins or free spins. You would still need to play in order to win. Just that rolling reels make the chances of winning better. In some of the slots, the extra payouts that you receive from the rolling reels are included in the overall payout percentage of the game. Sometimes, the slots can even pay you less in other rounds to balance the whole payout percentage.

Excessive use of rolling reels may increase the volatility of the online slots and you may even lose out on a number of spins. Considering this scenario, it is important that you opt for the rolling reel feature but do not solely depend on it for winning. A good way is to combine other gaming elements with the rolling reels for the perfect winning combinations.

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Name: A Simple Guide to Rolling Reels in Online Slots

Posted On: 18/01/2019

Author: Tony Willets

A Simple Guide to Rolling Reels in Online Slots
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