Interesting Superstitions about Gambling that can Captivate your senses

Whenever we talk about any such event or moment in life where luck comes into play, we all have our little things which we believe will bring that luck, which is known as superstitions. Gambling is no other exception where luck plays a much vital role and thus people or say gamblers come up with some of their insane superstitions to win and they are quite serious about this.

The following are some of the interesting superstitions which gamblers follow while Casino Gambling.

Interesting Superstitions about Gambling that can Captivate your senses

  • Will Red always win?

The Chinese tradition considers red as the colour of prosperity and the colour which will help people to gain something. People associate this tradition with Casino Gambling where people gambling wear red socks, shoes, shirts, pants, jackets, and sometimes just carry a red handkerchief with them behind a real casino machine or casino table games and even while playing blackjack online casino. You may also find some casinos with red interiors and selecting red in the game of roulette is a move by many of the players.

  • Crossed Fingers

Forget about the gamblers once and think about that crucial penalty shootout in the football match where every fan has crossed his or her fingers because everyone believes that this brings luck and helps in winning the game. Similar is the view of most gamblers who cross their fingers while spinning the roulette. Contrary to this belief, crossing fingers is considered to be unlucky and is believed that after doing this one even loses the smallest chances of winning. 

  • Back Door Becomes the Main Door

Some people still believe and enjoy the traditional way of gambling and not the present online one. They love to play with real slot machines and roulette tables, being inside a real casino. But here people have this superstition that entering through the main entrance or main door can bring them bad luck, so they avoid entering from the main entrance, thereby entering from the back door.

  • Lucky Numbers

Number 13 and the bad luck associated with it is already quite prevalent, not only among gamblers playing casino slot games but it is also quite believed by other people. Many hotels just do not have the 13th floor, and the same goes for gambling where players never bet on the number 13. Contrary to all this there are many places where this number 13 is considered very much lucky, and there most people gamble on it, now there are also places where number 7 is considered to be incredibly lucky and symbolizes prosperity.

  • Don’t give away money

Lending your own money to someone else is always considered as bad luck by all gamblers, and it is believed that when you give your money to someone else, you are also giving away your good luck to that person. So lending money is often avoided.

Interesting Superstitions about Gambling that can Captivate your senses

  • Lucky Charm

Superstitions at the end are quite subjective, something which proves to be lucky for someone who might end up being unlucky for some other person. Some gamblers believe in certain objects to be lucky and call them their lucky charm and then always bring that object with them while gambling, this might be a pen, coin, locket, or any other object.

  • Don’t take $50 if you win!

There is a superstition that says that to take away $50 as the winning amount is bad luck and will bring further problems in his or her life. Following this superstition, many gamblers refused to take $50 invoices while winning in casino gaming.

  • Lucky and Unlucky Activities

There are often certain which gamblers consider being lucky and some which they consider being unlucky, which includes the following

Lucky Ones:

  1.     Carrying a horseshoe along
  2.     Carrying a rabbit’s foot
  3.     Blow on the dice while rolling
  4.     Rub dice together before rolling them
  5.     Going with a particular person who has often proved to be lucky
  6.     Carrying the famous four-leaved clover

Unlucky Ones:

  1.     Breaking mirror
  2.     Black Colour
  3.     Walking under ladders
  4.     Avoid gambling before 6 pm any given Friday night
  5.     Allowing others to touch your gambling chips
  6.     Dropping cards on the floor
  7.     Singing while gambling

Whatever may be your superstitions, do not hold yourself back from trying your luck at any of your favourite games in an online casino. Good luck!

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Name: Interesting Superstitions about Gambling that can Captivate your senses

Posted On: 17/06/2020

Author: Tony Willets

Interesting Superstitions about Gambling that can Captivate your senses
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